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BEST OF IG: Travis Scott, Aidan Alexander, Brandon Good…

From Travis Scott to Brandon Good and Aidan Alexander, who got the best of last week’s IGs?

brandon good

Best of last week’s Instagram moments with Travis Scott and Aidan Alexander as well as fashion models Alton Mason, Jonathan Bellini, Augusta Alexander, Gytis Gedvilas, Brandon Good, Max Hamilton, Jakob Jokerst, Jaron Baker, Devin Truss, Victor Perr and more. 

Scroll down for the last week’s action of guys you should already be following on IG: 

Nicholas Angel

AK-47, your favorite weapon” @nicholaskalashnikov

augusta alexander

After yesterday’s late night workout 🤟🏼” @augusta_alexander

travis scott

“🐻”  @travisscott

alton mason

romeo must die” @altonmason

victor perr

I did this haircut last year and don’t know If I should do it again 🤔 Yes/No ?” @victor_perr

max hamilton

Sea turtles on the beach and a swing from a palm tree what more could you want” @maxhamilton_

jakob jokerst

One paper cut and I’m dead…. 📃 #veins @rensaliba @rensalibastudios@jakob.jokerst

jaron baker

where am i off to next?” @jaronbaker


Apologies to the people having a lovely lunch behind me 🙇‍♂️👽🌹” @gytisgedvilas

victor pinheiro

“🇿🇦🇿🇦” @iamvictorpinheiro_

aidan alexander

what’s for breakfast” @aidanalexander

devin truss

Guess who’s back #2020” @devintruss

matty carrington

Just a man in a towel” @mattycarrington_

brandon good

under construction” @goodbhavior

jonathan bellini

| Morning gratitude | Just one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day | Dalai Lama 🌟| Nem todos os dias teremos noticias boas, resultados positivos ou pessoas para nos apoiarem, mas saiba que sua jornada continua, não desvie seus progressos e nem mude de idéia. Continuar feliz e consciente de seus esforços e fazer o bem sempre, so te trará coisas incríveis. | Bom dia, tenha um dia iluminado 🙏|” @jouubellini

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Nicolas Vansteenberghe

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