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Kelvin Bueno for Courrèges Fall Winter 2023 by David Sims

Kelvin Bueno ascends to the heavens in Courrèges Fall Winter 2023 campaign by David Sims:

Kelvin Bueno
Kelvin Bueno by David Sims for Courreges

Ethereal, otherworldly, and undeniably breathtaking, the Courrèges Fall Winter 2023 campaign captures celestial aesthetics like never before, and at its center is the charismatic Kelvin Bueno. As the sole male figure amidst the dreamlike panorama, Bueno stands out, bringing a fusion of elegance, strength, and vulnerability to the narrative.

Crafted under the watchful eye of renowned photographer David Sims, the campaign leverages the soft glow of bright lights combined with the expansive serenity of a blue sky backdrop. It’s as if Sims has plucked Kelvin and the Courrèges collection straight out of a modern renaissance painting and placed them gently into the clouds. This celestial sentiment becomes the emblem of the campaign, merging fashion with the divine.

At the helm of the collection is Designer Nicolas Di Felice, whose vision for Courrèges FW23 seems to bridge the gap between the earthly and the sublime. Di Felice’s pieces for the season resonate with timeless allure while also pushing the boundaries of contemporary fashion.

Fashion Editor Marie Chaix meticulously curates each ensemble to accentuate Kelvin’s striking features and the dynamic silhouettes of the FW23 line. Hair Stylist Duffy creates looks that complement the overarching ethereal theme, while Makeup Artist Lucia Pieroni adds finishing touches that are both subtle and impactful.

The setting, is work of Set Designer Poppy Bartlett. Every nuance, from the play of light to the positioning of props, harmonizes with the campaign’s ethereal mood.

Casting Directors Helena Balladino and Piergiorgio Del Moro deserve commendation for their selection of Kelvin Bueno. Kelvin isn’t merely a model in this campaign; he becomes the embodiment of Courrèges’ vision for the season. Kelvin is represented by The Face model agency in Paris, while in London he’s on TESS Management board, and Margaux the Agency in London. Kelvin Bueno is London based at the moment.

Discover the complete Courrèges Fall Winter 2023 campaign on DSCENE Magazine.

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