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Hed Mayner’s Avant-Garde SS25 Lineup

Dynamic, Statuesque, and Thought-Provoking

Courtesy of Hed Mayner

Hed Mayner’s Spring-Summer 2025 collection unfolds as a series of interconnected, unresolved dialogues. This season, Mayner ventures into expanded and reimagined proportions, challenging his usual intricate pattern-cutting techniques. The result is a lineup that envelops the body in broad shoulders and roomy pants, creating a study in contrasts both in its creation and its final form.

Courtesy of Hed Mayner

Shifting focus from traditional construction to the transformative potential of textiles, Mayner employs a mix of coated and uncoated, shiny and matte, bonded and foiled fabrics. These materials are layered and zipped to form statuesque, crisp silhouettes that stand independently. The manipulation of fabric—whether through shaping or holding volume with cuffs, belts, or buckles—gives the garments a buoyant, graceful presence. Tailored gilets with 3D pockets and sweaters with baked-in creases at the elbows exemplify this innovative approach.

Courtesy of Hed Mayner

A minimalist two-button linen vest, poised to open over the hips, and a homemade plissé with herringbone texture that maintains its shape, highlight Mayner’s decisive tailoring. These pieces cinch closer to the body, embodying the collection’s dynamic spirit. The slashed cable knit sweater, which allows air to flow across the skin, and the purposeful abstraction of the designs, mark a shift from purely decorative elements to functional artistry.

Mayner’s innovative take on shirting stands out prominently. Shirts are reimagined, moved across the body from front to back and side to side, before new patterns emerge. This approach results in shirts that drop intentionally at the yoke and swing diagonally at the front. A cuff belted around the waist of a cotton shirt creates an urgent swoop at the back, while a three-button jacket, pulled at the neck and stripped of its collar, falls forward in active repose.

Courtesy of Hed Mayner

The collection’s footwear, developed in collaboration with Reebok, blends cross-training and basketball influences. The Reebok LTD Blacktop and the classic Reebok LTD Classic Leather Premium sneaker, reimagined in sponge, add a unique texture. The daring inclusion of a chunk of wood buckled to the foot underscores the theme of unconventional materials and construction methods.

Courtesy of Hed Mayner

Hed Mayner’s Spring-Summer 2025 collection is an exploration of form and function, where textiles tell their own stories. By pushing his instincts and rethinking proportions, Mayner has created garments that are both statuesque and dynamic, abstract yet practical.

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Written by Anastasija Pavic

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