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The Nike Logo Evolution from Small to International

The Nike Logo Evolution

Nike is one of the global industry leaders in sports apparel. The Nike brand has become so popular that the logo stands by itself even on store fronts and people recognize the brand. After 40 years of existence, the brand is now in charge of satisfying public expectations it has raised a long time ago. Nike apparel is quality and durable, while the logo is elegant and always appropriate. The Nike logo evolution is as impressive as the brand’s and went in line with it.

The stylish Swoosh is a trademark of Nike and has looked as you know it for over four decades. However, the Nike logo evolution is both simple and astonishing. Graphic designer find inspiration in this case study and the sports apparel enthusiasts discover the symbol behind colors and shapes.

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The Nike Logo Evolution

Nike Logo Evolution from 1971 to Present

Nike was founded in 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports, a company which distributed Onitsuka Tiger shoes. It opened a retail store two years later. The brand didn’t have a logo at the time as it was the side business of coach Bill Bowerman and athlete Phil Knights. The logo discussions were still on hold as the coach would soon meet Portland State University Student Carolyn Davidson. She was an amateur graphic designer at the time.

The company officially became Nike, Inc. in 1971. This was the time when Nike also released its logo. It was a tick mark also known as the Nike Swoosh, which symbolized continuous motion and energy. Davidson was paid with $35 at the time for her 17-hours graphic work. Swoosh was white and drawn only in contour. The logo was accompanied by Nike brand name, written in a cursive font in front of the Swoosh.The Nike logo evolution was marked by Davidson’s presence and the brand’s core values.

The only Nike logo change from the brand’s history took place in 1987. Designers adjusted the logo by revealing a new, all-caps Futura Bold font above the sign. The font is straightforward and efficient due to its simple reading. Also, the logo was placed in a square.

The Nike logo evolution would reach a peak in 1995. Nike branding specialists would make a major decision. The Swoosh would be able to stand by itself and provide brand recognition. Disappearance of the text would make the logo even stronger edge and impact. The Swoosh also changed to red and the square also disappeared.

Beyond the Nike Logo Evolution: Versions in Use Today

Nike now has its own brand, together with brand extension such as Nike+, Nike SkateBoarding, Air Force 1 and Air Jordan. It managed to develop brands with their own logos, such as The Jumpman (Jordan). Subsidiaries also include Converse and Hurley International.

You can recognize the international Nike logo now by:

Forms: There are four versions of the logo in use now. You can either see apparel with the independent logo, logo and brand name, only brand name, and logo with slogan.
Colors: The Nike logo is now visible in white, black, red and orange.

Nike Logo Evolution and Brand Facts

As you might have seen throughout the Nike logo evolution, this brand is not afraid of challenges. That’s why it decided from the beginning to show off its logo on apparel, instead of hidden interior labels. Showing off the logo on apparel would have been of statement of amateur and professional athletes and those who wish to explore their fitness gene.

The Swoosh was registered as a trademark in 1994, by Nike, Inc. and includes all the products that the brand sells. Nike now produces sports equipment and clothing, street apparel and develops sport-related campaigns.

The famous Just Do It slogan was inspired by convicted killer Garry Gilmore’s last words, let’s do it. It was first shown at a San Francisco marathon on 80-year old Walt Stack runner. Advertising exec Dan Wieden was behind the Nike slogan.

Customers saw the first Nike brand ad in 1977, which didn’t included merchandise. Its message was loud and clear – There is No Finish Line.

Carolyn Davidson would receive $35 for her work back in 1971. Later, the brand provided her with 500 Nike shares.

Nike name comes from the ancient Greek goddess of victory, Nike. Her wings set is also named swoosh.

Just Do It

Nike is an inspiration to athletes and sport enthusiasts. It is one of the most popular, powerful and recognizable clothing brands in the world. The Nike logo evolution includes few key moments which emphasize the upper levels that the brand has reached. There’s no doubt that fame can be earned through quality work and stylish results. Athletes can wear Nike outfits during their workout, while amateurs can choose from the impressive streetwear collections.

The Nike logo evolution marks the brand’s growth. This process is still in writing. However, Nike has reached enough fame to mark its stores only by the Swoosh. Many choose the brand due to its expressive symbol, and they are entitled to do so, as there is no upper end line of fame.

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