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Converse CONS x Carhartt WIP CTAS Pro Sneakers

The Converse CONS x Carhartt WIP CTAS Pro combines rugged aesthetics and functionality, perfect for skateboarding.

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The Converse CONS x Carhartt WIP CTAS Pro is a highly anticipated collaboration that brings together the rugged aesthetics of Carhartt WIP with the timeless appeal of Converse. This sneaker is designed with both style and functionality in mind, making it an excellent choice for skateboarding enthusiasts.


The CTAS Pro showcases a clean, refined look with its triple-stitched detailing and tonal color scheme. The co-branded logos subtly highlight the collaboration, while the overlaid suede panel construction adds a touch of luxury and durability. These elements ensure that the sneakers not only look great but can also withstand the rigors of both street and skate park environments.

Durability is a standout feature of the CTAS Pro. The added foxing height provides extra reinforcement, making these sneakers resilient against wear and tear. The triple stitching further enhances their robustness, ensuring long-lasting performance. Skaters will appreciate the build quality that allows them to focus on their tricks without worrying about their footwear.

Comfort is not sacrificed for style in the CTAS Pro. These sneakers are designed specifically for skateboarding, featuring lock-in elastic tongue straps that keep the foot securely in place. The CX foam sockliner cushioning offers superior comfort, reducing impact and providing a plush underfoot feel. This ensures that skaters can perform their tricks with confidence, knowing their feet are well-supported.

© Converse

Performance-wise, the CTAS Pro excels. The CONS traction rubber outsole delivers exceptional grip and board feel, crucial for skaters who rely on their footwear for precise control and stability. The outsole’s grip ensures that every flick and movement is executed with precision, making these sneakers an excellent choice for serious skaters.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the CTAS Pro is the hidden details that pay homage to the roots of both brands. These subtle touches add a layer of depth to the design, making the sneakers not just functional but also a celebration of heritage and craftsmanship.

At $80.00, the CTAS Pro offers excellent value for a sneaker that excels in both aesthetics and functionality. Whether you’re a skater looking for reliable and stylish footwear or a sneaker enthusiast appreciating finely crafted collaborations, the CTAS Pro is a worthy addition to your collection. Available on June 6th at 4:00 PM, these sneakers are set to become a staple in the world of skateboarding footwear. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own a piece of collaborative brilliance that embodies the spirit of both Converse and Carhartt WIP.


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