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Casablanca Pre-Fall 2024 Collection Campaign

Casablanca’s Pre-Fall 2024 campaign transports us to a French Riviera home

Casablanca Pre-Fall 2024 Campaign / Courtesy of Casablanca

The Pre-Fall 2024 collection from Casablanca captures the elegance and laid-back vibe of the French Riviera while transporting us to the bay of Cannes. Photographer Dudi Hasson took the images for Creative Director Charaf Tajer‘s most recent campaign, which is situated at the gorgeous mid-century glass and metal mansion. The collection is perfectly suited to the high fashion atmosphere of Cannes with its cinema-verité flair.

Courtesy of Casablanca

The collection features both men’s and women’s clothing. It is dominated by silky shirts, printed dresses, and tenniscore co-ords, with a rich color scheme that evokes the French Riviera. Classic white heels go well with pastel pink suit sets, while pearls draw attention to navy tennis dresses. The accessories for this season match the clothes, giving the entire ensemble a summery appeal.

Courtesy of Casablanca

The Pre-Fall 2024 collection of menswear features ensembles of green velour and textured white tailoring sets, both of which are intended to convey a sense of ease and sophistication. The characteristic silk button-down shirts are among the collection’s most notable items, while the gradient athletic wear line adds a glamorous yet sporty element to the selection. The Casablanca emblem is engraved on the women’s fitted pink complementing sets.

Courtesy of Casablanca

The Green Galaxie villa, a mid-century architectural marvel, is the campaign’s backdrop and enhances the collection’s visual appeal. The glass and metal structure of the villa creates a dramatic contrast with the Mediterranean Sea and the cliffside scenery, highlighting the colors of the apparel. The collection is captured by Dudi Hasson’s cinematic approach, which highlights how fashion is incorporated with Cannes’ laid-back, sun-drenched atmosphere.

Courtesy of Casablanca

The collection from Casablanca also alluded to the approaching autumn season. With offering a flexible selection of items that may transition between seasons, including belted dresses, sheer ombre tops and toweling sets in shades of green, blue, yellow and orange, it manages to retain a summer vibe even with the approaching cooler months. Take a closer look at the Casablanca Pre-Fall 2024 Campaign in the Gallery below:

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