TOP STORIES: Fabio Mancini, André Hamann, Sulevan Araujo, Trevor Donovan and Brandon Faerber

Fabio Mancini

andre hamann

sulevan araujo

trevor donovan

brandon faerber

#1 – Fabio Mancini by Gregory Vaughan
#2 – André Hamann for Faith 21
#3 – Sulevan Araujo Digitals
#4 – Trevor Donovan by Dennis Leupold & Steven Gomillion for Carbon Copy
#5 – Brandon Faerber by Joshua McCaghren

These five stories got the most of your page views in the previous week as well as the most responses over at our Facebook and Twitter accounts. To additionally calculate the top five we used Google Analytics. 

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David Cummings by Scott Teitler