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Niels Trispel and Maggie Maurer for Officine Générale FW23 Collection

Unveiling Officine Générale’s Fall-Winter ’23 campaign, an ode to Paris photographed by Laurence Ellis.

Courtesy of Officine Générale

Officine Générale‘s Fall-Winter ’23 campaign evokes an enigmatic ambiance. Featuring a couple, possibly artists, their demeanor exudes a natural nonchalance paired with a distinct warmth.


Set against the backdrop of an untouched workshop near rue Campagne-Première, there’s an implicit nod to Paris, subtly present yet not overtly dominating the visuals.

Courtesy of Officine Générale

Nina Mahéo, the Image Director, said, “Following our Monochromania Fall Winter 2023 show, I wanted to capture Pierre’s “obsession” with his two favorite colors, Navy and Grey. Repositioning tailoring in an urban environment was a natural choice, and so was Paris, our beloved city.”

Courtesy of Officine Générale

The visuals, vivid and poignant, are the handiwork of English photographer, Laurence Ellis, marking his second stint with Officine Générale, reverting to film for authenticity.

Courtesy of Officine Générale

Adding finesse to the campaign, Paris-based Italian stylist, Giovanni Dario Laudicina, orchestrated a distinctly “French” aura, drawing from cinematic motifs.

Courtesy of Officine Générale

Fashion’s whims often chase the fresh and novel, sidelining the beauty of age-old consistency. But in this collection, there’s a celebration of continuity, a homage to cherished classics. Whether it’s an age-worn peacoat or a staple sweater that has graced collections for over a decade, there’s a joy in the familiar. Consistency in style, for many, becomes a symbol of elegance, a silent testament to their unique journey. This notion became the soul of the Fall-Winter 2023-2024 presentation, “Monochro-Mania”, which reveres two timeless hues close to Pierre Maheo’s heart. They embody a fashion tale that’s been narrated since 2012—a story not of transient trends but of an enduring passion that seeks refinement rather than replacement.

Courtesy of Officine Générale
Courtesy of Officine Générale

Image Director: Nina Mahéo
Photographer: Laurence Ellis
Stylist: Giovanni Dario Laudicina
Models: Maggie Maurer & Niels Trispel
Hair Stylist: Ed Moelands
Make-Up Artist: Janeen Witherspoon

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