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Ronald Dadey & Andreas Athanasopoulos Take Calvin Klein Denim

Calvin Klein Denim shoot with the stars on the rise – meet Ronald Dadey & Andreas Athanasopoulos in shoot by Sarah Blais:

Photo ©Sarah Blais for CALVIN KLEIN

Calvin Klein denim campaign featuring Ronald Dadey and Andreas Athanasopoulos is a striking blend of simplicity and sophistication. The campaign, captured by photographer Sarah Blais, presents an unembellished yet powerful visual narrative that embodies the essence of the Calvin Klein brand — timeless, clean, and modern.

Andreas Athanasopoulos, whose chiseled features and poised demeanor translate into an elegant representation of the brand, is a model on the rise. With agencies like VNY Models in New York, Marilyn Agency in Paris, IMG Models in London, TWO Management in both Copenhagen and Los Angeles, Modelwerk in Hamburg, and Next Models in Madrid backing him, Andreas’s versatile look is perfect for Calvin Klein’s minimalistic aesthetic.

Photo ©Sarah Blais for CALVIN KLEIN
Photo ©Sarah Blais for CALVIN KLEIN
Photo ©Sarah Blais for CALVIN KLEIN

Alongside Andreas, Ronald Dadey brings an intensity and an undeniable presence to the campaign. Represented by Wilhelmina models in both New York and London — with the UK agency also serving as his mother agency — and M Management in Paris, Ronald’s strong features and confident stance resonate with the brand’s bold approach to fashion.

The campaign images show Ronald and Andreas in an understated pose, dressed head-to-toe in Calvin Klein denim. The choice of denim, a fabric synonymous with American culture and casual fashion, is elevated to high fashion status through Calvin Klein’s design lens. The monochromatic ensemble against a deep blue backdrop emphasizes the brand’s focus on the fabric’s texture and the silhouette of the clothing rather than the use of vibrant colors or complex patterns.

Stylist Malina Joseph Gilchrist has done an exceptional job in curating looks that are both approachable and aspirational, bridging the gap between everyday wear and high-end fashion. The authenticity of the denim paired with the simplicity of the design allows the clothing to speak for itself without the need for embellishment.

Hair stylist Akki Shirakawa and makeup artist Yumi Lee have contributed to the clean and modern aesthetic by ensuring that the models look polished without overshadowing the clothing. The grooming complements the natural textures and tones of the denim, creating a cohesive look that is both refined and rugged.

Mila Taylor-Young’s set design is minimalistic, involving little more than the stark blue backdrop that focuses all attention on the clothing and the models. This simplicity is deliberate, allowing the subtle details of the denim to be the focal point of the image.

Casting director Mark Foltz’s choice of models, demonstrates a keen eye for individuals who embody the brand’s identity. Each model brings their own unique energy to the campaign, contributing to a dynamic yet unified presentation of Calvin Klein’s vision.

The imagery of the campaign, with its focus on the beauty of simplicity, is more than just an advertisement for clothing; it is an expression of Calvin Klein’s brand philosophy. The brand clearly sends us one message, sometimes the most powerful statement is one of understated elegance.

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Photographer: Sarah Blais
Stylist: Malina Joseph Gilchrist
Hair Stylist: Akki Shirakawa
Makeup Artist: Yumi Lee
Set Designer: Mila Taylor-Young
Casting Director: Mark Foltz
Models: Andreas Athanasopoulos and Ronald Dadey joined by Ryan Park

Andreas is represented by VNY Models in New York, Marilyn Agency in Paris, IMG Models in London, TWO Management in Copenhagen and Lose Angeles, Modelwerk in Hambrug, and Next Models in Madrid. While Ronald Dadey is with Wilhelmina models in New York and London, wile the UK agency is also his mother agency. Dadey is also represented by M Management in Paris.

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