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SNEAKER ALERT: Jordan Brand Introduces Tatum 2 Sneaker

The Tatum 2 delivers comfort and flair on and off the court.

Courtesy of Nike

Jayson Tatum‘s second signature shoe, the Tatum 2, continues to drive Jordan Brand‘s innovative spirit, combining ’90s hoop shoe nostalgia with modern technology to support the dynamic play of today’s athletes.


Designed for the versatile and vigorous game of the All-League forward, the Tatum 2 is more than just a sneaker; it’s a testament to Tatum’s evolving legacy and the relentless spirit of basketball.

Courtesy of Nike

Design and Comfort

1. Nike Air Strobel Unit: The full-length Nike Air Strobel unit is the heart of the Tatum 2, providing plush cushioning that absorbs impact from explosive movements. This feature is critical for athletes like Tatum who are known for their durability and endurance on the court.

2. Foam and Textile Pods: The upper’s design, with its large foam and textile pods, not only adds an aesthetic flair reminiscent of ’90s hoop shoes but also serves a functional purpose. These pods are placed strategically to offer support and comfort to high-pressure areas, ensuring the shoe moves seamlessly with the foot.

Performance and Durability

1. Smooth Heel-to-Toe Transition: The Air Strobel’s smooth transition complements Tatum’s fluid style, allowing for a natural feel that’s crucial for players who rely on their agility and finesse.

2. Modified Herringbone Traction Pattern: The outsole’s design focuses on optimizing traction where it’s needed most, without unnecessary weight. This attention to detail ensures that the Tatum 2 can handle the quick, multi-directional movements that are characteristic of Tatum’s playstyle.

Style and Influence

1. Bold Look: Reflecting Tatum’s confidence, the sneaker’s bold design elements signify the player’s presence both on and off the court. It’s a shoe designed to make a statement, mirroring the player’s own impactful game.

2. Evolutionary Message: Tatum’s involvement in the design reflects his journey and growth as a player. The Tatum 2 isn’t just a sneaker; it’s a narrative of evolution, encouraging wearers to continuously build and improve, just like Tatum does.

Courtesy of Nike

Kid-Friendly Design

The Tatum 2 also comes in a kids’ version, featuring a collapsible tailgate on the heel for easy entry. This innovative design element shows Tatum’s consideration for his younger fans, ensuring they can enjoy the same quality and style as the adults.

Release and Variants

The Tatum 2 debuted with the “Momma’s Boy” colorway, a personal nod from Tatum, and follows up with the “Vortex” colorway available in full family sizing. This range allows fans of all ages to connect with Tatum’s journey and style.

Courtesy of Nike

The Tatum 2 is an extension of Jayson Tatum’s persona on the basketball court. It represents a blend of performance, comfort, and style, designed to meet the rigorous demands of an athlete who is constantly evolving. For those looking to emulate Tatum’s effortless game or just seeking a solid performer on the court, the Tatum 2 is a compelling choice, offering a glimpse into the future of basketball footwear while staying rooted in the sport’s rich heritage.

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