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Patrick O´Donnell, Johan Johansson, & Kalle Lagerstrom by Viktor Flumé for KULT Magazine


KULT Models Patrick O´Donnell, Johan Johansson, & Kalle Lagerstrom team up for a splendid shoot by Viktor Flumé for KULT Magazine with styling from fashion director Lars-Fredrik Svedberg.

Grooming handled by Peter Johansson, styling assistant Axel Scholtze, photographer’s assistant Claes Gyllensteen.

Viktor-Flume-KULT-Magazine-03 Viktor-Flume-KULT-Magazine-04 Viktor-Flume-KULT-Magazine-05 Viktor-Flume-KULT-Magazine-06 Viktor-Flume-KULT-Magazine-07 Viktor-Flume-KULT-Magazine-08 Viktor-Flume-KULT-Magazine-09 Viktor-Flume-KULT-Magazine-10 Viktor-Flume-KULT-Magazine-11 Viktor-Flume-KULT-Magazine-12 Viktor-Flume-KULT-Magazine-13 Viktor-Flume-KULT-Magazine-14 Viktor-Flume-KULT-Magazine-15 Viktor-Flume-KULT-Magazine-16 Viktor-Flume-KULT-Magazine-17 Viktor-Flume-KULT-Magazine-18 Viktor-Flume-KULT-Magazine-01

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