How To Find The Best Travel Bags For Men

This guide provides suggestions and leads to help you find the best travel bag to match your needs

How To Find The Best Travel Bags For Men

A good choice of travel bag can make you stand out, apart from it being a practical travel accessory. It can complement you and speaks volumes about your style. The best travel bags come in different types and styles for trendsetters and classic gentlemen. The fortunate thing is that travel bags are designed for all occasions as well. You could be a regular overnight business traveler who needs a practical bag for work and leisure or a weekend traveler only requiring a carry-on travel bag.

Either way, there are many travel bag varieties to fit your every occasion. However, your travel bag will depend on the purpose of travel, functionality, style, and the size of your luggage. This guide provides suggestions and leads to help you find the best travel bag to match your needs.

The Holdall Bag

It’s considered too big for everyday use but a perfect travel bag when you need to carry it all, just as its name suggests. Its size ensures that you can fit many items you may need for a couple of days or weekend travel. You can also use it as a gym kit or to carry bulky items around. It’s the bag you can carry around, and people won’t know your travel intentions.

At the airport, it’s treated as hand luggage, saving you baggage fees. Good quality leather holdalls are especially excellent since they can last for a long time when well kept.

How To Find The Best Travel Bags For Men

Carry-On Luggage Bags

These are typical bags you carry to the airport and can be brought aboard a plane and kept in the overhead luggage compartment. That’s where its name is derived from. They can come with or without wheels and different materials and designs. This leather carry on bag with wheels from Von Baer is a classic example of some of the best carry-on travel bags. But there are also other designs and varieties you can get from reputable brands.

They make best travel bags for men who don’t like carrying a lot of luggage. It fits most of what a man needs for travel without having to carry bulky luggage. The advantage of traveling with a carry-on bag is the fact that you can rest assured you have your entire luggage with you upon landing. Besides, they’re easier to handle because of their size when you need to use the stairs or walking around the airport or train station.

How To Find The Best Travel Bags For Men

The Standard Backpack

Backpacks have advanced a lot in recent years and are now available in sleek designs and styles. They’re an excellent travel companion for everyday travel. Most of them can also fit many items such as a tablet, laptop, gym clothes, and lunch. The benefit of carrying a backpack is that it’s an easy way to carry your luggage.

It also leaves your hands free to open or hold doors or carry anything else you may have. It’s the best travel bag, especially if you’ll have to walk for long distances or your travel includes hiking and other similar adventures. Backpacks come in different materials as well fits for different occasions and different types of luggage.

How To Find The Best Travel Bags For Men

The Messenger Travel Bag

The original design was meant for messengers to carry and deliver mail. It has a long strap to carry across the shoulder or body. Today, it’s a classic man’s best travel bag, especially for small hand luggage, documents, or a laptop. There are numerous and are mostly made of leather or canvas.  Some of the notable varieties are as follows:

  • Multipocket organizer
  • Camera bag
  • Saddlebag
  • Satchel
  • Briefcase
  • Vertical messenger bag
  • Military messenger bag

They’re good on-the-go bags for both official and casual looks. As the varieties above suggest, there’s a messenger bag for almost any type of travel and style. If you’re a light traveler, find your style and stay on the move.

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The Classic Duffel Bag

Duffel bags are the classic men’s bags originally made of heavy woolen material. Today they come in different materials but remain to be a classic man’s travel bag. The best duffel bag material is either canvas or leather. They vary in size and can carry a fair number of items for easy travel.

You can use duffel bags as a carry-on that makes it easy to travel through airports. It’s also good for carrying your ironed clothes plus always being able to squeeze an extra item. The style is timeless and versatile, good for official and casual travel.

Bags For Stylish And Practical Travel

Whether you’re duffel or a holdall bag man, you can travel confidently and in style. When you get the best travel bag, you won’t only look great, but you’ll have a travel accessory that’ll stay with you for a long time. However, your bag should match your color, purpose, and the type of luggage you travel with. With many shops, designs, and various travel bags, good research and reviews will help you find your perfect travel match.

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