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How to Fashionably Wear the Man Bag

The man bag has become a staple accessory in every man’s wardrobe.

The man bag came to light long before the internet and technology. Back then, men like women needed a place where they could carry their valuables from one place to another. Nevertheless, for many people, the man bag came as a big taboo subject. It was viewed as being too feminine and somewhat useless as men didn’t have a lot to carry around. This notion couldn’t be further from the truth especially in today’s society. There are simple gadgets such as phones, tablets, laptops that cannot simply fit in the pockets.


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The man bag has become a staple accessory in every man’s wardrobe. Men ideally don’t enjoy shopping as much as women do hence getting a good man bag can prove to be a challenge. Luxury designer brands have realized the best way to reach men is via online platforms. Coach outlet online is one such platform where men can browse on plenty of designs, sizes and texture. It’s paramount to purchase a quality bag that will not only make your outfits pop but also last you a lifetime.

The choice of the perfect man bag is heavily based on an individual’s needs and preference. Whichever the bag you go for, the greatest advice is to wear it with the utmost confidence. Of course, choose a method of wearing a bag that doesn’t seem too feminine. Go for a bag that will complement your physique and makes you feel good about yourself. Pick texture that can go with as many outfits as possible to make your life easier. Below is a guide of 4 must-have man bags for the millennial man;


The briefcase bag is designed to be slimmer and sleeker for carrying around essentials preferably documents on a normal workday. It normally comes in a practical size to fit all work essentials and easy to carry throughout the day. A briefcase bag has several compartments where you can store your laptop in one compartment and your notebooks on another. This comes in handy for the boardroom that requires one to be well organized and knows where exactly each item is placed.


The messenger bag must be the most popular and stylish in the market. It’s the go-to bag for the man looking for a comfortable everyday bag and looking sleek while at it. It’s the kind of bag that cuts across formal and informal. The messenger bag comes in a variety of colours, sizes and designs. Most messenger bags have space enough to fit a few essentials and not weigh one down.


The backpack must have been the first man bag to be invented. They have been a staple for many men of all ages centuries over centuries. Men, unlike women, have no issue in carrying around a backpack looking like a schoolboy. These bags are great for outdoor excursions such as hiking and camping. While purchasing the perfect backpack, always go for dark-coloured or neutral colours such as grey, blue or navy to avoid the constant wash. Go for quality material such as leather or canvas to be able to sustain heavy loads.


The duffel bag is the most versatile of the man bag. This bag comes in several sizes with the choice dependent on the day to be had. Regular medium-sized duffel bags are great for a trip out of town or simply going to the gym. The duffel bag is normally big enough to fit all your stuff or when you need to change your outfit several times a day. Duffel bags often come with adjustable handles to either be carried over the shoulders or in your hands.

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