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How to Define a High-End Diamond Necklace

The last thing you want is to make a wrong investment when buying a piece of jewelry as expensive as a diamond necklace:

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The market today is flooded with lots of fake jewelry, and being sure your investment is worth is a little ambiguous. However, although numerous vendors don’t sell diamond necklace across the globe, defining a high-end piece should not be a challenge anymore. Just to be sure you make the right investment, here are a few tips to get you started.

Images by ©Myriam Tisbo for MMSCENE 

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Although it’s not always guaranteed that expensive products are the best quality while cheap ones are fake, price is a good determinant of a high-end piece. The price tag on a particular item plays a significant role in determining its legitimacy. The real diamond piece has almost the same price range regardless of where you are. However, different vendors often come up with different prices to make their vending shops attractive as well as create more profits.


The material used in designing diamond is high density and highly durable. When in the process of defining whether your piece is high-end or not, the type of material involved is quite essential. Although it may not be easy to determine quality material from fake by just observing, you can always tell using the right techniques and skills. If you are an expert or have been using diamond products for a while, then you are likely to notice different gemstones from the real brands. However, if you have zero experience or interaction with actual gemstones, there is no need to raise your eyebrows. You can simply get to a jewelry expert help you measure the quality of your diamond for you. F the same size and shape weigh.

Shape and size and weight comparison

Diamond pieces of the same shape and size weigh the same. Even if you don’t know much about diamonds, you can place it on a weighing machine and see the difference. However, it may be difficult to access a diamond weighing machine while at home. Therefore, it would be better to find one from a trusted vendor who specializes in diamonds and other essential gemstones.

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Material combination

A necklace is a piece of essential jewelry that complements the entire dressing, makeup, and physical appearance of a person. If you get the right material combination of a necklace, you will not have to try hard to wear fancy clothes. Diamond often goes together with other precious stones like gold and platinum. Therefore, if you have a great necklace with the right material combination, it guarantees that your entire outfit is perfect together.

Additionally, investing in a high-end piece reduces the need for spending more on additional jewelry to complement your look. However, if you don’t get it right, you then will have to do extra hard to get your look and jewelry matching.

Vendor understanding

Your diamond vendor should at least have the necessary information about the pieces of jewelry he/she is selling. To determine whether the piece you are about to buy is worth the investment or not, consider how versed the vendor is. Basically, a person who has regular interaction with quality products will only understand more about quality while one with often interaction with a fake will know more about the same. Therefore, if you smoothly converse with the vendor, you are likely to get helpful information that will tell the difference. The more questions you have about a particular piece, the higher your chances of getting the right deal. Ask more of where the vendor gets his/her products, their supply, quality of material, and other essential details. This way, you will get the vendor to open, and if the pieces he/she has are not actual diamond, his/her backup story will not be smooth to and convincing.


Amid all the jewelry confusions and over pricing, the last thing you want is to make a wrong investment. It gets even worse when you buy a necklace of cheap quality at the price of an expensive piece simply because you could not tell the difference.

Images by Myriam Tisbo for MMSCENE 

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