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A Perfect Guide to Buying and Wearing Leather Jackets

Check out the different styles and designs of men’s leather jackets that give you an athletic and sporty look

Wearing Leather Jackets
Photo ©Dan Sjölund for DSCENE Magazine

Leather jackets are compelling pieces of fashion. Everyone loves and owns a leather jacket, be it celebrities, bikers, models, or anyone else. They ooze out attitude, but it is necessary to pick up the well-suited and excellently-designed genuine leather jackets to make your personality get going. It is essential to understand what an average leather jacket says about you.

A biker jacket is one of the commonly used leather apparel featuring an iconic collar drawn upwards with a silver zipper alongside a thin belt resting on the waist. The biker leather jacket gives the wearer a bold, confident, and edgy appearance. And you can pair it up with most of the garments in your wardrobe.

Similarly, the men’s black leather bomber jacket loudly calls out attitude, shows the world your rebellious side, and busts your style. Moreover, you can pair it with a plain black Tee and a weathered pair of boots. With a white T-shirt and old Vans, you can get an authentic 80’s Indie look. To get a premium quality leather jacket, make sure that you buy from reputed leather jacket sellers online.

The Classic Leather Jacket Look

The most classic leather jacket look is pairing it with a plain white T-shirt and black jeans. However, you can keep experimenting with various styles to get several different kinds of looks.

Wearing Leather Jackets
Photo ©Dan Sjölund for DSCENE Magazine

The different styles of leather jackets that you can opt for include:

  • Studded leather jacket: The studded leather jacket is an embodiment of lager-out fashion. You can use the intimidating studs on the leather jacket to make an empowering fashion statement. All you need to do is pair it with your studded jeans with a pair of Docs. Go for skinny jeans, put on other platforms and just let the nonchalance flow into you.
  • Bomber leather jacket: The bomber jacket can give a more streamlined and elegant appearance. The bomber jacket is a pinnacle fashion accessory that has been relevant since the 70s. And there is a good reason behind this. The bomber jackets are a highly stylish choice that gives you a slimline and trendy appearance.

Check the different styles and designs of men’s black leather bomber jackets that give you an athletic and sporty look. Pair them with white sneakers and skinny gray or blue jeans.

  • Flight leather jacket: They are cozy and stylish leather jackets that are favorite with private owners and supermodels. The flight leather jacket gives you a well-groomed, stylish, and elegant look. Flight jackets have a design similar to the bomber jackets, except that they have a padded or thicker inner side. This is what makes flight jackets highly comfortable. The flight leather jacket can keep the pilots safe and snug at higher altitudes. This means that the flight leather jacket is a must-have item in your winter wardrobe.

Pair your flight jacket with winter boots and stay warm across the winter months. Always make sure that your hair is done, and your beard is trimmed.

  • Embroidered leather jacket: When you want the embroidery to speak volumes for you, what you need is a premium-grade leather jacket featuring unique appliqués and antique embroidery. The brass teeth zipper will also have a hem that can maintain the body temperature for a long time. Jackets that have flapped pockets will give you great storage options.

The best quality leather jacket will have a stand-up collar, front zipper closure, quilted lining, and many more things. The jackets are thin, light, soft, and have a high style quotient.

  • Leather baseball jacket: The baseball leather jackets have a tapered waist and cuffs. They also have press stud front lining to give you the most classic look. A leather baseball jacket is elegant and sophisticated outerwear perfect for use in business wear, casual wear, cycling, golfing, jogging, working, and traveling.
  • Hooded leather jackets: A hooded leather perfecto jacket is your trusted partner to venture on an athleisure journey. The hooded leather jackets are now in high demand due to the enhanced functionality and comfort they offer. They are a definitive piece of a luxury product and get teamed with sweats. It would be best to get a duffle bag as a fashionable accessory for tying up in the jacket.

Make sure that you pair a hooded leather jacket with low-cut sneakers or low-cut leather kicks. You can wear them if you are heading to the gym and for your best days out and about during the winters or autumn.

  • Wearing a leather jacket with a tie and shirt: Men’s black leather bomber jacket is the most well-designed accessory for a modern office. The standard bomber jacket is the best choice of a leather jacket at work.

You may opt for suede or tan jackets in place of the polished black jackets. It is better to avoid any embellishments and padding. It will cut the weight off the suede hugging the shoulders.

The buttons and zippers must blend in and the pockets and are kept to a minimum. Go for minimal cuffs and collars, and nothing should be overly ribbed. This indeed gives a more collegiate look.

To get a more office-like look, get the sharp-tie combination and avoid closing the jacket’s upper part. This will give you relief from the stuffy work look.

Wearing Leather Jackets
Photo ©Dan Sjölund for DSCENE Magazine

The fit of a leather jacket

Fashion experts always recommend going for a slimmer fit. However, an oversized jacket gives a vintage look.

  • Custom-made leather jackets: To get a perfect look, you want a custom-made leather jacket that fits your body well. Ensure that your leather jacket is made from the best quality leather procured from reputable leather manufacturers. Good quality leather apparel is soft, supple, and soapy to touch. The most well-designed leather jackets have a seamless look but look like a cloth garment having seaming. Remember, the best quality leather jackets are made from genuine leather made from full-grain leather. If you want to go for further low-priced options, remember that top grain leather jackets form a desirable option.
    However, remember, too low a price tag may indicate an inferior quality product. That’s why go for cost-effective options that give you good value back on your money.


Choosing from the best brands offers you genuine leather jackets giving an edgy and youthful style. Pair the jackets with lightweight and custom-made designs that are made from top-quality manufacturers and wholesalers. Buy from online sellers having good feedback from their customers. Whether you want to get a men’s black leather bomber jacket or any other kind of style of leather jacket, always shop for top-rated and well-reviewed products. This ensures that you get durable and long-lasting apparel and the best value for your investment.

Images from Blue Jeans White Shirt by Dan Sjölund for DSCENE Magazine – See the full story here


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