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How Guys Can Stay Looking Cool in Summer

No matter how hot it may become or where you need to go, here are some great tips for staying cool in the summer

We may be in the middle of spring right now, but summer will be here before we know it, and with it, a needed change of wardrobe pace.

If you’re feeling a little unsure about your summer fashion stylings or just want to update things, now is an excellent time to think about what you need to stock up on and how you can refresh your look.

Here are some top ways to stay looking cool in summer, no matter how high the temperature might get or where you need to go.

Lighter is Better

Summer is the time when you should be wearing clothing that’s as light as possible. Opt for lighter fabrics that won’t make you sweat too much or look too heavy for the time of year. Lightweight fabrics provide better air circulation and will keep you fresher, in turn. Avoid synthetic fabrics unless they’re specifically designed moisture-wicking materials.

Whether you’re looking for t-shirts, trousers, swimwear, or quality boat shorts, etc., it’s best to select 100 percent cotton products (chambray, seersucker, and madras cotton options work nicely in the heat), linen clothing, garments made out of tropical weight wool, and the like.

Say no to polyester blends, rayon, and other non-natural selections that provide little breathability. If you hold items a foot or so away from you and can see some lighting coming through them, this is a good indication that they’re likely to be suitably lightweight for summer.

Stock Up on Shirt Styles

To stay looking cool in summer, you also want to ensure you have plenty of shirt styles for different occasions. If you only have a heap of tees in your closet, it’s time to stock up on more variety in clothing for your top half. In addition to well-made t-shirts in various solid colors and fun patterns or prints, it pays to own at least one or two linen shirts, as these are quick-drying, sweat-absorbing, and a little dressier for situations like summer beach parties or barbecues at friends’ houses.

Plus, pick out a chambray shirt in a classic light blue shade that’s breathable and moisture-wicking, or one in pale pink or crisp white, if you prefer, and a short-sleeved Henley shirt (with three or four chest buttons) to provide a classier upgrade from a traditional tee. Add to the mix a classic polo shirt to up the style factor when you need a collar to enter a club or other venue and a light long-sleeved shirt for nights when the temperature drops a little.

Add a Little More Color to Your Summer Wardrobe

You might be someone who sticks a lot to blacks, grays, whites, and other neutral shades in your wardrobe. In summer, though, it’s nice to change things by adding more color. While you don’t want to overdo it, including some pops of light, bright color will pep up your look and are often cooler to wear than darker shades because they don’t absorb so much heat.

If wearing bolder hues isn’t so natural to you, add a splash of zing with a fun graphic tee or a patterned short or tie. Guys with tan skin tones can wear brighter colors, while those who are paler are best opting for softer shades.

Pick Out Appropriate Shoes

Lastly, remember that a vital part of looking cool in the hot parts of the year is picking out appropriate footwear. There’s no point selecting funky shirts, pants, shorts, etc., but letting yourself down in the shoe department. Again, ensure you have a few different styles to choose from so you always have the right option to pair with different looks.

For instance, you want to utilize some well-made, simple white sneakers that go well with numerous outfits, including your gym gear, plus some penny or dress loafers and slip-on leather shoes for more formal occasions. Preppy boat shoes can work nicely for numerous outings and events, as can some quality sandals or Birkenstocks and a pair of espadrilles. Flip-flops are also handy for days at the beach or other water-based and casual activities.

Many of us find styling ourselves for summer a little trickier than winter when we don’t have simple jeans and sweater looks to rely on, but you can also have plenty of fun designing your wardrobe for this time of year and changing your vibe as needed. If you shop smart and accessorize well, you’ll stay looking cool, regardless of how high the temperature soars.

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