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MODEL TALK: Interview With ZSOMBOR HAJDU + Exclusive Shoot

The promising Zsombor Hajdu sits down for an exclusive interview plus a photo shoot by Jon Wong for MMSCENE Online Exclusives.

zsombor hajdu

For the online version of our MODEL TALK section we sit down with the very promising ZSOMBOR HAJDU photographed by JON WONG also for an accompanying MMSCENE Magazine exclusive session

Zsombor sits down for an interview with our editor ANA MARKOVIC to talk about the beginning of his modeling career, his native Hungary and favourite cities to live and work in. 

Hajdu’s mother agency is The Diary Management in Budapest, in London he’s represented by Premier Model Management while in Los Angeles where he’s currently based he is with representation by Two Management LA

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Scroll down for more of our shoot as well as our sit down interview with male model Zsombor Hajdu: 

zsombor hajdu

How were you discovered?
As a young teenager I was doing acting in Hungary mainly for TV commercials. On one of the shoots the assistant girls were telling me that I am so tall I could do modelling as well. This is when I first heard I could model, but I still wasn’t sure this is something I could do. Couple months later a scout came up to me while I was shopping. That was the confirmation for me that I can actually do this.

Which cities do you spend the most time in?
I used to live in Tokyo, now I spend most of my time in-between Europe and the US.

How did becoming a model change your life?
I became way more open to new things, and I improved my social skills a lot. Through modelling I managed to visit so many beautiful cultures and countries. Probably these are the biggest changes came with modelling.

zsombor hajdu

zsombor hajdu

zsombor hajdu

What have you learnt from the modelling industry?
I definitely learnt a lot about fashion [laughs]. Okay I am not that funny, but seriously I wasn’t this advanced. Definitely learnt how to get on with people easier. To be someone who is easy to work with. Also I became much more creative.

What are you up to these days besides modelling?
I am learning photography. Practising a lot, taking lots of photos. I would like to become a fashion photographer one day.

zsombor hajdu

How would you describe your style?
Well, first of all, you have to know I love vintage printed shirts. They are my go to. But obviously that’s not all I wear. I am inspired by all those old movies like Scarface, Casino…etc. Also there’s nothing better than a cool 80s or 90s outfit.

What’s your beauty secret or essential grooming routine?
Recently I’ve learnt a lot about facial morning routine from my best friend. Also I try to fix my hair every morning, I don’t always succeed though.

zsombor hajdu

zsombor hajdu

You travel a lot for work, which are your favourite cities to live and work as a model?
One of them is definitely Tokyo. That city never sleeps, a real concrete jungle, but it’s so fun because of how different it is. The other one is Los Angeles. The weather and the whole vibe are really suit my lifestyle. I feel like myself in LA the most.

What are three things we need to know about your homecountry Hungary?
We love poppy seeds in Hungary [laughs]. Secondly, Hungarian is one of the hardest languages to learn in the world. And last but not least our capital Budapest, were two separate cities before, Buda and Pest.

zsombor hajdu

zsombor hajdu

zsombor hajdu jon wong

What are your beauty essentials?
My smile, okay just kidding.. But to be honest I don’t really use anything else than my hair wax and my moisturiser.

Any guilty pleasures? Something that no one knows about you?
Guilty pleasure? Probably a nice bottle of red wine, but what’s wrong with that?!

photo by jon wong

What are your plans for the future?
I want to learn at least 2 new languages. Get back into acting. And we will see about the rest…

Keep up with Zsombor on Instagram @zsombor_hajdu

All images courtesy of ©JON WONG for MMSCENE – @iamjonwong

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