MEN’S STYLE TIPS: How to Dress Like a Fashion Model

Working in the fashion industry or aspiring to? Here’s how a fashion models unofficial uniform should look like.

Most men want to look good, so take a lot of care over their appearance. Men who have a passion for clothing follow the trends and change their look regularly. They look great, as good as any off-duty model. Of course, looking that good takes work, but not as much as you might think. As you will see you do not have to spend a huge sum of money to be able to achieve a stylish look.

If anything male models in the menswear fashion industry have to master the skill of looking good on and off duty. For a successful fashion model the casting season never stops, it is both on and off duty.

How do real fashion models get their look on? Continue below to find out:

Understand which cuts work for you

The first step is to take a close look at yourself. Understanding your body type enables you to understand which cuts work for you and which ones do not. A good way to do this is to follow those fashion models that have a similar build or body type to you. If a certain style of clothing looks good on them, the chances are it will on you too. Today more than ever it is easy to check what works for them, models have taken over the role of style bloggers with their massively followed instagram accounts.

Another good place to find the right style for you might come from the street, the street style sections from menswear fashion weeks will bring you the most sophisticated styles from some of the most respected people in the fashion industry. A good place to start are street style photos from men’s fashion week in Milan, London and Paris.

Try on as many styles as possible

Another way to work out what suits you best is to try on a range of different clothes. Trying one or two items on that you would not normally wear is a good way to find new clothing styles, and keep your look fresh. Bear in mind models outfit is also a work outfit, you do not want to overtly stand out. Go for simple colours, as well as fitting clothes.

Go for classic cuts

If you are still developing your style it is usually best to stick to classic styles. These items of clothing have a timeless quality, and they never completely go out of style. For example, when buying men’s denim, you really cannot go wrong with a pair of slim fit, five pocket jeans. They may not always be the trendiest style of jeans, but they look good on most men, and work well as a stopgap while you establish your look.

For a model a perfect pair of jeans is simply said everything, skinny is a good choice but you do not want to look as if wearing a pair of jogging tights (we are trying to forget jeggins even exist!).

Tap into the right expertise

If you are lucky enough to have a good shop assistant they can help you to choose clothes that hang well. Over time, they develop a good eye, so can quickly show you combinations that you may not have considered. If you have the budget hiring a personal shopper once a year, is also a great way to get the latest look.

If you are model going into the game, the best advice how to dress can come from your Agency Booker. Before going into a casting send them a photo of your outfit, this is a mutual effort and the team working with you on your modelling career will certainly give you the right advice.

Develop good grooming habits

Take the time to look critically at your grooming habits, and make changes if you need to. For example, if you tend to put off going to the barber by a week or two because you are a bit busy, stop doing that and go regularly. To achieve the model look you have to make good grooming a priority.

Hit the gym

Last, but by no means least, is staying fit. The vast majority of male models have sculptured physiques, so if you want to achieve their look you need to work out too. Eating well, taking enough exercise and working out regularly really are the best way to take care of yourself, and ensure that you always look your best. More importantly, it is also the best way to stay healthy, so you can enjoy life more. If you are interested in hitting the gym be sure to keep to a strict diet, check out clearspring for some great ideas of healthy recipies.

As you can see, looking like a male model requires effort, but it is definitely something that you can achieve, in time.

Featured model Aleksa Gavrilovic at FOX Fashion Agency in Belgrade, photographed for MMSCENE by Igor C.

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