What Are Men Doing To Take Better Care Of Themselves

We delve into the diverse approaches that men are adopting to take a more proactive role in maintaining their health and overall well-being

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For any man wanting to become a model or do something spectacular in life, self-care is essential. If you’re not looking after yourself, it gets in the way of feeling good and achieving goals.

The good news is that more men are branching out and looking for ways to better take care of themselves. For some, it means dabbling in health practices, while for others it involves eating the healthiest foods and spending millions of dollars monitoring every biometric, like millionaire Bryan Johnson.

The purpose of this article is to explore the various ways men are taking a keener interest in their health and looking after themselves better.

Investing In Financial Health

Part of this more holistic way of viewing well-being includes a strong focus on financial health. Many men recognize it is hard to be mentally healthy unless their finances are also doing well.

Reducing financial stress is one of the main aims of the FIRE movement, which attracts many men looking for a more pleasurable existence. Having bountiful money in the bank makes it easier to manage spending and prevent money worries from creeping in, especially among men who live in the more expensive cities.

Financial literacy is also becoming seen as a greater part of a man’s overall well-being. Being able to understand why markets go up and down and what it means helps to make the process feel less like an out-of-control rollercoaster and more enjoyable.

Photography by Michael Oliver Love for MMSCENE

Seeking Help When Needed

Men can also take better care of themselves by seeking help when they need it. That’s not to say that they should automatically rely on other people the moment the going gets tough. But it does mean getting help when it would result in real and significant benefits.

The car accident lawyer, Demand the Limit, sees the benefits of men asking for help regularly.

“We had a lot of clients who thought they were down and out after an injury that wasn’t their fault. Many resigned themselves to living a life that was less than they’d hoped for,” the attorney’s office says. “However, once they find out about the amount of compensation they could win, they suddenly feel back in control of their lives. The thought of justice has a powerful effect on their psyche and actually encourages them to get back to a semblance of normality if their injuries allow it.”

It’s stories like these that should inspire men to get help when it is necessary or advantageous. Seeking help can actually be a smart move and not just a sign of reliance.

“Many of the clients we take on were initially reluctant to get started,” Demand the Limit says. “But the more they see the process working and the effects it could have on their finances, the more positive they feel towards it. For some individuals, the change in perspective can be dramatic.”


Another way men can take better care of themselves is by investing in regular self-examination. This might explain why so many men are getting into self-reflective philosophies, like Stoicism, that encourage a kind of introspection.

Men’s well-being can get into trouble when they live life on autopilot. Instead of carefully examining what they are doing, they resort to instinct, going through the motions, or simply copying what others do.

While this approach reduces cognitive load, it can also lead to health problems. Men who feel stressed, for instance, are more likely to develop metabolic diseases, including high blood pressure and cancer. How a man feels can have a profound effect on his long-term health outcomes.

Fortunately, self-examination is becoming easier. The abundance of resources and philosophies online is enabling individual men to transform how they think about and relate to themselves.

Photography by Michael Oliver Love for MMSCENE

A Better Work-Life Balance

Men are also taking better care of themselves by adopting a healthier work-life balance. While the hustle and grind culture might be popular, it is also generating a counter-culture of individuals who work smart but don’t grind every hour of the day.

The purpose of this better work-life approach is to strike a balance between home and family life. It recognizes that things like going out, having sex, and talking to family members are equally vital as earning and making money.

There’s also evidence that it is critical for testosterone management. Men who don’t get enough physical activity or spend too much time in sedentary jobs can see their levels of this vital hormone fall significantly over time, which can lead to low mood and depression.Taking time out to exercise and go to the gym counteracts this negative effect.

Going To Regular Health Screenings

Men are also looking for ways to detect health problems before they become more serious. And the main tool being used is health screening. Men are keeping tabs on things like their blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels to warn them of any impending health issues that they might have.

This proactive approach marks a break from the past when many men would only show up to the doctor’s office when a problem was quite advanced. This method, usually covered by insurance, helps to lower costs and improve peace of mind.

Michael Oliver Love
Photography by Michael Oliver Love for MMSCENE

Reduce Alcohol Use

Reducing alcohol use is also at the forefront of efforts of men trying to take better care of themselves. Going tee-total is helping a large swath of the male population protect themselves against the ravages of time while also making them more productive.

For instance, abstinence from alcohol helps with sleep. Men are more able to get into deep rest when there is no alcohol in their system.

It is also helping at work. Instead of going out at lunchtime for a drink, men are getting more done during working hours, allowing them to enjoy themselves more fully when they leave.

Finally, reducing alcohol improves how it feels to be alive. Men who reduce how much alcohol they drink have more energy to achieve their goals.

So, there you have it: some of the things men are doing to take better care of themselves.

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