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Working out, whether you love it or hate it takes a plan and a list of goals. Here’s 4 goals you simply have to take note of.

It’s three months since your new year resolutions, and going to the gym five times a week did not really work out, but summer seems only minutes away. May was most likely the month you were supposed to look better than your favourite fitness model Instagrammer, become a regular in your gym and dominate that healthy diet plan you read about in an issue of Men’s Health magazine. Image above @davidlaid

However, it’s the first week of April, you still didn’t even take that gym membership, even tho you passed by it a few times. You did start yoga yesterday, however it only brought you to the conclusion new years resolutions are a complete waste of time. Don’t despair, summer or not there’s still time to get in shape, and if anything the warmer months also allow you outdoor activity and that sunshine is sure to bring you into a better mood. If you have too much on your hands at work, or you need help with your studies, write my essay sort of help web pages are a good way to help you distress while focusing on your health and fitness.

Scroll down for four goals to get your summer workout plan on the roll proposed by your MMSCENE magazine team:


With the first days of spring, gyms are at full capacity, everybody starts to workout daily, quitting bad habits going to bed early. However, to remain consistent on your way to getting and staying in shape try to take on less in the first week. With each passing week, extend your workout routine, stay longer in the gym, run a mile further. If you are not able to run for a full hour, make sure to punch in an hour long walk. Try getting of a bus or a metro a stop or two earlier, or if your workplace is less than an hour away try walking back and forth from work.

Fitness instagrammer Chris Heria, gives daily good advice on his social for body weight workout – follow him @chrisheria

The first step is crucial, plan two to three workouts a week and make sure to reach at least 90% of your goals. This will help you to stay consistent and achieve the required discipline on the route to your desired body shape.


Strict diet’s are hardly any fun, especially in the spring period when there’s a bounty of fresh fruit and vegetables on the markets. Protein is an important part of every diet, but instead of getting it only from cans of tuna and chicken breast meals, mix in fruit, vegetables and nuts high in protein or, you could take supplements from Muscle Rage and similar highly recommended nutrition products. Whatever you do, do not forbid your body to consume unprocessed fresh ingredients such as fruit and vegetables, especially in the spring. Creating a well balanced meal will help you stay on your route, and keep you from ordering pizza for dinner. At the same time getting ready for a workout is as pivotal, many nutritionists are today highly recommending vegan pre workout options. Going vegan before working out will help you balance the intake of animal protein during the day. 

Image – Summer inspiration with model Matt Law @mattclaw

Making a big issue from our diet will only make eating healthy harder, instead of stress over what you are eating, while staying active make sure you take regular meals – intervals of 2-3 hours are recommended. Also, skip late night meals, give your body a chance to naturally slow down by not eating anything 3-4 hours before bed time. If you are on a regular sleep cycle and you go to bed hour or two before midnight, your dinner as your last meal should fall around 7PM.

A regular protein intake is recommended, it will help you build muscle, but also keep you feeling full throughout the day thus helping you burn more fat faster. Alongside regular intake of vegetables as a valuable source of vitamins, minerals and fiber necessary for staying healthy.

Make sure to mix in fruit or vegetables with every meal, fruit will also help you control your sugar cravings, thus set this as your goal. Achieving at least 80% of your goal will make a significant impact on your way to staying fit in a healthy manner.


Cutting down sugar from your diet entirely is doomed to fail, and you won’t be able to do anything to prevent that. Instead, sugar is actually necessary ingredient after an exhausting workout when it helps you regulate the levels of hormone Leptin. This hormone discovered in 1994 is popularly known as the fat hormone as well as the obesity hormone. It’s sole role is to tell your brain you have plenty of energy in your fat cells to enable smooth running of all of your metabolic processes.

Therefore, here’s your reward yourself with sugar reach sweets only when having plenty of physical activity. It’s simple – an hour in gym – yes, an hour of running – yes, six hour Netflix binge – that’s a clear NO!

Set sugar as a form of a reward, making sure you restrained yourself from too much chocolate, doughnuts or cookies 80% of the time is enough to fulfil this goal.


Taking some time to rest in a workout filled week is as is important as working out itself. No workout plan will bring results if you are constantly stressed and sleep deprived. If anything straining your body during a workout, taking energy drinks and pre-workouts when exhausted may only cause health issues and make you pron to injuries. Instead, focus on a regular sleep cycle, seven to eight hours of solid sleep every night will help your body recover and build muscle tissue. Well rested you wont need any energy boosters, which in one shape or another are bottom line unhealthy.

Top model and fitness maven Christian Hogue balances rest and workout – more of Chris @official_hogue

Feeling constantly stressed while trying to burn fat wont be of any help, if anything stress pushes your body to produce more fat cells instead of burning them. It is also the number one culprit for overeating! If you are having troubles falling asleep, one of the easiest ways is to opt for a tech free bedroom. How to do that? Come ten o’clock at night, evict all of your tech – mobile phone (or phones in many cases), tablets everything leaves the bedroom. If you have a TV in your room, turn it off, instead go for some light reading before bed and you are on your way to falling asleep in time. After all even business maven’s like Arianna Huffington propose sleep, for you as well as for president Trump!

This final goal, might be the hardest for all of us, but it is no doubt the most important.

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