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Sanggun Lee: The Face of ARKET’s New Lookbook

Sanggun Lee lands ARKET Fall Winter 2023 lookbook – discover the complete shoot and more:

Photo ©Sarah Blais courtesy of ARKET

ARKET‘s latest lookbook, featuring the brands refined aesthetice merged with model Sanggun Lee, unveils a collection where functionality meets style. Captured by photographer Sarah Blais, with the creative direction of fashion editor and stylist Isabelle Thiry, and the deft touches of hair stylist Martina Senke, this lookbook promises a journey through the art of minimalistic winter wear.

For the shoot Sanggun Lee steps into the frame against an industrial backdrop, wearing a sleek black overcoat that speaks to the heart of urban sophistication. The coat’s intricate detailing and modern cut reflect Arket’s vision of contemporary style.

Photo ©Sarah Blais courtesy of ARKET
Photo ©Sarah Blais courtesy of ARKET
Photo ©Sarah Blais courtesy of ARKET

Next, Lee models a voluminous black puffer, its silhouette a statement against the stark white shirt underneath. This image is a testament to the brand’s style foresight, suggesting a layered approach to winter dressing that is both practical and trendsetting. In a nod to casual elegance, Lee is seen also in a long, padded parka that brings a sense of the contemporary to a classic design. Each element, from the subtle texture of the sweater to the clean lines of the coat, has been carefully curated by Thiry to create a look that blends casual wear with high fashion.

Blais’s photography furthermore captures Lee in a timeless black coat, an menswear look that balances traditional tailoring with modern sensibilities. The composition of the photograph highlights the coat’s texture and the ensemble’s streamlined fit.

Photo ©Sarah Blais courtesy of ARKET

Sanggun Lee also wears the black overcoat billowing slightly, suggesting the fluidity and versatility of the collection. It’s a powerful image that encapsulates the dynamic spirit of the ARKET brand, brought to life by Lee’s presence.

Sanggun Lee, with his international representation from Muse Management in New York, IMG Models in Paris and London, CREW Model Management in Milano, and Louisa Models in Munich, serves as the embodiment of the global man. GOST Seoul, his mother agency, can be proud of Lee’s portrayal of ARKET’s vision—a vision beautifully executed by the creative synergy of Blais, Thiry, and Senke. Each look in this collection invites us to explore winter fashion with a fresh perspective, promising wearability without sacrificing the allure of high-end design.



Photographer Sarah Blais
Fashion Editor and Stylist Isabelle Thiry
Hair Stylist Martina Senke
Model Sanggun Lee

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