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Ten c FW 24 Collection and Collaboration with Antonia

Authentic Materials and Innovative Treatments

Courtesy of Ten c

Ten c‘s Fall/Winter 2024-25 collection, crafted by designer Alessandro Pungtetti, reflects on urban and military styles, offering a lived-in aesthetic through innovative treatments and hand dyes. This collection places an emphasis on artisanal craftsmanship and manual expertise. Among the collection’s standout techniques is the “White Sand,” applied to puffer jackets, which involves a unique process utilizing sandy pigments to corrode the garment’s original color, resulting in one-of-a-kind pieces. Another method, known as “OJJ Dust,” entails overdyeing items with natural pigments, creating captivating visual effects that simulate depth and the passage of time.

Courtesy of Ten c

The collection features Ten c’s signature fabric, ICON-Nylon/polyester OJJ, in classic renditions alongside fresh colors and treatments. The introduction of a Pea Coat version and garment-dyed Nylon Tactel in novel styles and hues widens the range. Notably, the iconic Artic Parka puffer jacket receives the Air Brush treatment, giving it a hand-sprayed aesthetic. The Combo fabric, a fusion of various materials, finds its way into various styles, augmenting the assortment of puffer jackets with new color options.

Courtesy of Ten c

Debuting in this collection is the NEW ICON-Ultrasuede, an innovative nylon/polyester fabric that mimics the appearance of raw cut suede, available in Parka, Pea Coat, and Anorak styles, both in solid shades and featuring the Dust treatment. The collection also presents two novel series of 7 DEN puffer jackets: a garment-dyed ultralight Rip-Stop series inspired by high-tech and military influences, and a rubber nylon variety boasting a metallic finish, available in outerwear and mid-layers. Ten c’s iconic classics receive a makeover, now padded with Micro Thin, a shuttle-woven fabric sharing the same composition as OJJ.

Furthermore, the collection includes 100% wool flannel trousers drawing inspiration from military materials, as well as knitwear showcasing heavyweight Aran wool, complemented by Shetland and Alpaca Stretch knitwear. The color palette spans from timeless black, slate, ice, and undergrowth green to a captivating array of faded hues achieved through dyeing processes. Hints of amaranth and periwinkle bring vibrancy into the collection’s color scheme.

Courtesy of Ten c

Beside the FW24 collection, Ten c has partnered with the fashion retailer Antonia to produce an exclusive capsule collection. This collaboration spotlights two of Ten c’s iconic pieces: the Anorak and the Tempest Anorak. Designed by Alessandro Pungetti, these garments undergo a transformation with the utilization of the exclusive OJJ fabric in striking monochrome white. The addition include subtle details like tone-on-tone buttons, a reflex hood string, and distinctive zippers. To personalize the pieces, the jackets feature a reflex print on the back, highlighting the coordinates of Antonia’s two Milan stores.

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