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Dunhill Fall Winter 2021 Menswear Collection

The collection is reflecting how we all live now, with a more relaxed approach to sophistication.

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Discover Dunhill Fall Winter 2021.22 Collection, a play between the homespun and urbane, of utility and formality.


Ideas of tradition, inheritance and continuity run throughout the collection, together with a certain iconoclasm in their treatment; it’s a very British dichotomy where symbols of class and creativity are brought together in insouciant style and worn with a don’t-give-a-damn attitude.

© dunhill

For this collection, I wanted to focus on clothes rather than themes, on individual garments and accessories and what they stand for in their own right. This is something that seems more appropriate when a collection is looked at in detail rather than shown and seen at a distance. Last season was about stopping and assessing; it was about the rigour of process. This collection still has that, for one, there is an inquisitive exploration of the expertise of tailoring. But there is also the joyful immediacy of found objects as well as the domestic and homespun, personal and playful moments underpinned by the rigour of formality and utility. There is an idea of the multi-functional as well as a summation of particular elements in collections we have completed so far. Things are brought together in that very British way: scruffily stylish confidence. It is a balance between moments of naivety and playfulness, against sophistication; it’s about masculinity, not whimsy.
– says Mark Weston, Creative Director of dunhill.

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