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Are Leather Jackets Still In Style? Trendsetters’ Ultimate Guide

Here are a few popular variations on the classic leather jacket

Photography by Dan Sjölund for DSCENE Magazine

It is completely obvious that leather jackets have emerged as one of the most sought-after pieces of outerwear, and as a result, every person’s closet absolutely has to have at least one. The leather jacket is an item that should be included in the wardrobe of every guy. If you want to make a strong statement about your sense of style, you should definitely choose to wear this jacket.

There was a growing need for leather jackets, and bikers discovered a niche market for them as they became more common. The leather was durable and long lasting, protecting its users from the weather and any unexpected falls. However, leather jackets are still in style since they look great with almost any outfit and are comfortable to wear all year round. Listed below are a few popular iterations of the classic leather jacket.


Standard leather jackets were issued to many early 20th-century pilots. The Germans were the first to provide leather coats to their aviators and pilots during World War I. The Americans, though, caught on swiftly and started releasing their own versions of flight and bomber jackets.

Leather jackets were more of a fashion accessory than a necessity in the years between the wars. Coats in general took on a more edgy look, and many people started wearing leather jackets as the new fashion. The classic style and durability of leather blazers made them a fashion staple from the 1920s through the 1940s.

A leather jacket was a new fashion item that quickly gained widespread attention. The 1950s and ’60s saw a meteoric rise in leather jacket sales and popularity.

Photography by Dan Sjölund for DSCENE Magazine


Perhaps the most well-known kind of leather jacket is the biker jacket. The jacket is fashionable and has an undeniable “cool-factor.” However, you don’t need to be a motorcyclist to wear a biker jacket. The leather biker jacket may be tailored to your own preferences thanks to the wide variety of color and feature choices available.

 The leather that you buy will last you a long time. It’s quite sturdy and can endure a lot of abuse before breaking. As a result, the leather biker jacket isn’t just for show; it really protects the wearer from the elements. The original purpose of the leather biker jacket was to serve as protection from the weather and the odd fall or accident that riders could experience.


This modern spin on the classic aviator jacket is as functional as it is stylish and will last through many flights. The bomber jacket is a classic piece of outerwear that can be worn by either sexes due to its minimalist style and high-quality leather construction.

An excellent option for protecting against the cold, these leather bomber jackets are versatile and can be worn with almost anything. Jackets like these have a roomy upper body and a trim lower half. The jacket is often unadorned, with only one large zipper running across the middle of the front. The bomber jacket’s collar is conventional in size and form, and it folds away from the collar bone in a soft, demure manner.


The racer leather jacket is a contemporary update on the classic biker jacket, retaining the latter’s basic structure but adopting a more contemporary silhouette. On the other hand, these are worn for fashion rather than function. People of all ages might benefit from having a racing jacket. Clearly, the designers of this racing jacket were inspired by current trends in European style.

An updated version of the classic biker jacket is the racer leather jacket. This jacket’s design is straightforward. The new length of the jacket is at or slightly above the hips and lacks any kind of structure and is completely horizontal from shoulder to hem. Looseness was maintained at the waist and the cuffs.

Photography by Mark Mendez for MMSCENE – See the full story here


Every one of us has our own way of letting the world know who we are via the clothes and accessories that we choose to wear. One of the finest ways to show off your own sense of style is with a handcrafted leather jacket, but that’s not all you can do.

With custom leather jackets, you can choose the colors, the cuts, and the materials that suit your taste. You may add a classic piece of clothing to your collection that will endure for years by choosing high-quality and long-lasting materials to make a personalized leather jacket.

There are nearly as many ways to manufacture a leather jacket as there are styles of jackets when you start out to create your own. There is a wide variety of styles available to help you create a one-of-a-kind appearance, whether you’re shopping for men’s bespoke leather jackets or prefer more feminine shapes. There is a plethora of jacket types with illustrious pasts and recognizable silhouettes, from bombers to racers to motorcyclists.


The first thing you need to do is make a decision on the structure. When looking for dresses, this is an aspect of your body as well as your overall form that you should take into consideration. Construct a men’s real leather jacket in the manner of a traditional racing jacket, but make the sizing adjustments necessary to fit your stockier build.


You’d want there to be a little more of a hip and happening vibe, right? You may create a one-of-a-kind leather jacket by putting your own spin on a time-honored letterman design or by personalizing the varsity jacket, which is the most versatile garment of its type. Experiment with wearing a vintage flight jacket that you’ve altered to your preferences to see whether or not it would look better with the rest of your wardrobe.

Photography by Dan Sjölund for DSCENE Magazine


Most pairs of trousers may be paired with a leather jacket. Wearing denim pants or chinos with a leather jacket is a great everyday look. These days, a leather jacket is often paired with dark-hued jeans like black, blue, or brown. White slim-fit trousers paired with a leather jacket may take your look to the next level.


Leather jackets are a celebrity favorite. Few celebs are renowned for their look in leather jackets like Harrison Ford from Indiana Jones, Michael Jackson from thriller song video, Tom Cruise from Mission impossible and so many who truly love to wear leather jackets.


A leather jacket is a classic example of how certain styles can last for decades without seeming dated. It’s fashionable for both sexes and can endure at least two lifetimes because of leather’s longevity and resilience. The leather jackets not only provide style to your outfit but it gives comfort and warmth at the same time.

The leather jacket has been popular for well over a century, and while it has changed somewhat over the years to reflect changing tastes, it shows no indications of going out of style anytime soon.


In the fashion industry, fashion’s wardrobe essentials still largely revolve around leather jackets. Leather jackets have always been seen as more of an accessory than a cornerstone item. Others wear them for no other reason than the fact that they improve their look and make them feel more put-together, however the majority of individuals do so for functional reasons, such as keeping the snow or rain off of their heads. Since leather jackets have been a stylish outerwear item for a long time, it is only logical that we will continue wearing them for a look that is both stylish and trendy.

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