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STYLE GUIDE: Jeans for Every Occassion

Whether your running errands or going out, jeans are a go to piece of clothing for every occassion

Photography by ©Robert Hookey

Men’s jeans are an item of clothing that determines one’s style. From ordinary classic jeans, to jeans with various styles, different cuts and shapes, there is so much to choose from and express yourself. Given that you also have to dress for various ocassions, you should also pay attention to details and formality of jeans. Many would say that jeans are not a formal wear, but with the rise of fashion industry and diffrent styles, jeans have found it’s way to the red carpets and events. Every fashionable man must not only understand different types of jeans and be able to distinguish them from each other, but also have in his wardrobe a several types of jeans – for work, everyday life and business meetings.


f you’re not sure what to pick from the sea of choices, we prepared a jeans guide, presenting the most popular types of jeans and how to style it:

Cargo pants

Let’s start with the cargo pants, which are trending so much you can find them in every store possible.  It is a type of wide trousers, full of pockets, inspired by military pants. More common are cargo pants, but this year major brands presented the style in denim. You can find it in slim, skinny, boot-cut format and in any color to adapt it to your style whether you are a classic, sporty or decidedly casual man.

Photography by ©Robert Hookey

Slim Fit Jeans

The slim fit jeans are a tight but not tight type. It is characterized by a medium fit that falls straight on the shoe but without ever covering it. This shape is the most suitable for everyday outfits, perhaps in work environments and offices or to go out for a walk with your better half. It can also be used for more mature outfits but only with the right correlation between the sweater or shirt and, of course, the pair of shoes suitable for this shape.

Skinny Jeans

The skinny jeans, as the term suggests, are a very tight and high-waisted trousers that hug the figure thanks to the particular stretch fabric. It is a form of jeans similar to the cigarette or slim fit but it differs in the elasticity of the fabric which, in the other two models, is more or less existing. The skinny is suitable for lean and slender builds because these trousers tighten up to the ankle, revealing the real shape of the leg in a very marked way. Moreover, it is a very youthful jeans that, therefore, mostly looks good in boyish outfits.

Tapered Jeans

For some, tapered jeans are an ultimate choice. They gradually narrow from thighs to ankles, making them comfortable yet stylish. Tapered jeans for men are high-waisted pants, somewhat wide, but just the right size. This means that, as they are more of a straight-cut jeans, they are more flattering for ever type of body.

Photography by ©Robert Hookey

Straight Jeans

This type of trousers is considered as the denim par excellence. These are the trousers that immediately come to mind when you think of men’s jeans because they have a straight and regular cut and a comfortable fit but that we could not define as narrow or wide. It is the best form of men’s jeans because it has a good fit and is versatile in combinations both with polo and sweatshirt and with jacket and shirt.

Boot-cut Jeans

This cut is characterized by an abundant ankle, a trend that is also rising in these past few years. This is the less excessive paw model of the disco-80s but certainly with a wide and abundant final part. It is the ideal cut for sturdy builds because it tends to slim the figure and create balance and harmony between the shapes. If you are a fan of this particular style, you may also like vintage jeans for men, which reminisce the old school feel of jeans.


This type of jeans is the one that most coincides with comfort and relaxation. The shape has become a great trend in the male as well as female audience who recognize this type of trousers as “boyfriend jeans”. They are characterized by soft cuts, a loose fit, a very wide waist and leg and an average lower crotch than other models. They became extremly popular with rappers and performers, who foten wear this kind of style.

Images from MMSCENE PORTRAITS: Noah Tumataroa by Robert Hookey


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