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Henry Kitcher is the Face Loro Piana Fall Winter 2023 Collection

Discover Loro Piana’s FW23 campaign starring Henry Kitcher lensed by Glen Luchford

Loro Piana Fall Winter 2023
©LORO PIANA, Photography by Glen Luchford

Fashion photographer Glen Luchford beautifully captured the Loro Piana Fall Winter 2023.24 Campaign. Luchford captures the essence of the brand and the art of enjoying life gracefully in an intimate series of images. The campaign exudes a sentimental and joyful atmosphere, weaving an emotive narrative that feels genuine and unscripted, similar to reading a private diary.

This visual voyage is an invitation to embrace joyful moments and dress for life’s precious occasions with garments designed to create cherished memories. The simplicity and sophistication of Loro Piana‘s designs shine through, exuding grace with calm assurance and a unique perspective.

The Loro Piana Fall Winter 2023 campaign, which features models Henry Kitcher, Awar Odhiang, Selena Forrest, and Raquel Zimmermann, invites spectators to effortlessly become a part of the story. Ordinary moments are exalted and embellished with beauty while maintaining a relatable quality. The photographs capture genuineness and vigor, resonating with a sense of continuous, effortless movement. The depicted spontaneity encourages everyone to participate in this moment of shared happiness and camaraderie.

In captivating settings, the campaign effectively conveys a sense of community by depicting friends creating lasting memories together. It captures the most personal and introspective moments of their lives, inviting the audience to communicate with their inner world. The campaign evokes a sense of familiarity and belonging through photographs taken both outdoors and inside a warm and tastefully decorated home. The characters move with ease and grace, dancing, laughing, and savoring precious moments together.

The campaign imagery is anything but static or predictable; it feels alive and authentic, reflecting the brand’s product philosophy of designing garments meant to be worn and experienced, rather than solely admired from a distance.

Overall, the campaign is a captivating dialogue between Loro Piana’s legacy and its future, celebrating the present moment and the art of appreciating the transient beauty of life.

Direction: Atelier Franck Durand
Photographer & Director: Glen Luchford
DOP: Jack Webb
Stylist: Aleksandra Woroniecka
Still Life Photographer: François Coquerel
Digital Content: Lisa Rovner
Models: Selena Forrest, Henry Kitcher, Awar Odhiang, Raquel Zimmermann
Casting Director: Piergiorgio Del Moro
Set Designer: Gideon Ponte
Hair: Anthony Turner
Make-Up: Yadim

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