Menswear Today


Menswear today plays its most important role to date, it has taken over the runways in most of the fashion capitals. At the moment New York is the only main fashion capital on the globe without it's own menswear fashion week. Only a year ago London has created the special London: Collections Men while Milan and Paris have a years long experience with men's fashion weeks. Considered to be the part of the less profitable side of the fashion industry, men's designers have for decades stayed out of the spotlight.

While individual designer stayed behind in the workroom, for years tradition and craftsmanship prevailed. This sort of climate allowed a slew of Italian tailoring houses to become a synonym to a men's suit, just like in London with the still much respected Savile Row street. In many cases these labels still prefer to work with a team of designers instead of an individual designer carrying their name. They might take part in fashion weeks of Milan, Paris, and London, but often you want see a designer bow at the end of the show. Instead a team of creatives stays behind the classic but still empowering designs. Only proving with sophisticated ease how good design never goes out of fashion. 

However while menswear is no doubt remaining the essential part of the fashion scene as well as the retail. The increasingly growing retail has changed the rules of the game. While women are already experienced online shoppers, it is less likely to find a men shopping behind a computer screen. Not only are girls more experienced, they are even mastering online shopping, and with a savvy approach often use discounts, or voucher codes from the clothing giants such as such as Debenhams, H&M, Asos and many more. 

So why are so few men able to shop online? One of the most reasonable answers may come from a seemingly simple problem. The sizes! Often confusing, numerous sizing charts, European, American and so on, confuse the shopper. That is especially hard if you are opting for a pair of trousers, or a well-fitting suit. 

Perhaps redefining the size standard might be a new agenda for the fashion industry?

(photo: Mirros of Vanity by Martijn Senders for MMSCENE)

Joey by Jared Bautista

Kyle Campagna by Taylor Hall O’Brien for Male Model Scene