Top Menswear Trends That Will Define 2023

Menswear trends set for the coming 2023 seasons discussed by MMSCENE magazine fashion editors:

menswear trends
Photographer ©Irina Bunyatyan

Menswear trends that will change the ways in which people dress can be difficult to predict, especially since styles change so often. However, designers have already charted the course of fashion over the next few seasons, so you can already have a solid idea of what to expect during the warm season. The most important thing to get out of it is that there’s no single defining style influencing the aesthetic of the season. This isn’t anything new, as seasonal trends have long become more of a collection of different styles rather than one full, cohesive look.

Comfort, supersized silhouettes and the resurgence of trends that rocked the fashion world during the past decades are some of the defining features that have influenced the look of the latest collections, so if you’ve already started planning for your spring and summer wardrobe, here are some of the pieces you should include.

Oversized Fits

It’s no surprise to discover that oversized fashion remains a strong trend in 2023. Over the past few years, fashion’s penchant for comfortable fits has only become more and more visible. This direction has only been exacerbated since the beginning of the pandemic when lockdowns were enforced and people spent their days indoors. Track bottoms and joggers replaced jeans, while t-shirts and hoodies were the alternatives to shirts and suit jackets. Yet, with work resuming and having to return to the office and make yourself presentable, a new trend emerged: tailored athleisure.

This blend of active and formalwear allows for the combination of comfort, performance and style all rolled into the same garments. Chino trousers got elasticated or drawstring-concealing waistbands, with no functional need for a belt anymore, except as a personal style statement. Crewnecks and merino tees have been developed with more stretch to the fabric, allowing increased room for movement and comfort.

Photographer ©Irina Bunyatyan

As is often the case during the spring season, the trench coat remains a staple in 2023. The supersized, deconstructed style is the most popular, while as for the colour palette, beige and light greys have ruled the catwalks. And, of course, we can’t forget to mention the suit jacket. The suit has undergone several transformations, and it has been mostly removed from its traditional, overly-formal aesthetic to be styled with sports shoes and include looser, more relaxed cuts.


Wearing the right accessories is the best way to elevate any outfit, no matter how simple it might seem at first glance. In 2023, one of the hottest items to own are chains, particularly those made of durable, long-lasting materials such as stainless steel. Not only are they a long-term investment, but they are also incredibly versatile and can be paired well with any outfit.

Wristwatches, a timeless classic that never goes out of style, remain popular, with simpler, minimalistic designs being the most common. When it comes to rings, things are a little more diversified, with both simple and chunkier options available. However, when pairing them, you must be careful not to overdo it. Two or three rings are generally enough to give your outfit a completely new vibe.

Photographer ©Irina Bunyatyan

And since trends are continuously moving towards pure self-expression, you can choose Funko Marvel Pop Vinyls on your desk at work and at home. Offering a large selection of products that include all of your favourite characters, you can be sure to find something that suits your tastes.

Bold Designs

Keeping in line with the tendency towards deconstructing fashion pieces, suiting up is given a new level by omitting the shirts altogether and sticking to the blazer and trousers. Since the prints are becoming bolder, with colourful, intricate, baroque-inspired models being popular, it can seem like a shirt would only distract from the rest of the ensemble. If you want to take it a step further, wear a waistcoat which bares the chest. While not as popular, the trend for cinched waists also lends itself well to this type of outfit, as do patchwork-style designs.

And since the 2020s have seen an increasing resurgence of Y2K trends, the crop top remains a wardrobe staple for spring/summer 2023 as well. While traditionally associated with femininity, the crop top has become more versatile and can now be worn by anyone regardless of gender identity. And if you’re thinking of this trend only in terms of cropped t-shirts, you should know that there’s plenty of room for variety, with crisp tailored shirts, bomber and leather jackets, as well as lightweight sweaters that can be worn during chillier evenings.

menswear trends
Photographer ©Irina Bunyatyan

In the summer as menswear trends forecasters already predicted, shorts will be shorter than ever, with the longest falling around mid-thigh. Here too, there’s a large variety of patterns and tones to choose from, including the tried-and-tested black and navy blue, as well as the more eclectic geometric patterns, retro-inspired items and even safari-style shorts.

Bright Colours Redefine Menswear Trends

While neutrals remain staples regardless of the season, if you’re getting a little tired of beige and ecru, there’s no better time to bring a little colour to your wardrobe than the spring. Keeping in line with the fresh blossoms, shades of purple are very popular this spring. From the brightest magenta to the softest mauve and lilac, there’s plenty of room to play with the different shades and hues. If you’re not the type to shy away from chromatic extravaganza, you can mix and match the different tones in a single outfit. Textures are also very important note to the 2023 menswear trends rundown, with the colours looking particularly fitting on rich fabrics such as silk, velvet or satin.

Photographer ©Irina Bunyatyan

Stripes will also be a huge part of menswear trends this summer. Mimicking the sun rays, you can wear them however you want, from baggy tees and matching flowing trousers to skin-tight knits and polo shirts half tucked into bottoms. Both vertical and horizontal stripes are a recommended choice, however don’t be afraid to experiment. The good thing about this style is that you can dress it up or down depending on the occasion, and it is just as fitting for the beach as it is for a semi-formal dinner.

While trends change constantly, and you want to keep up with them, make sure the pieces you purchase fit your style. Dressing how you please is the biggest confidence booster.

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