A Money Clip is the Ultimate Minimalist Accessory

It’s vital that we don’t neglect one essential item, which can make or break the required image of effortless elegance.

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When we put time and effort into creating a cool and stylish look, it’s the flair with which we accessorise that gives an outfit that essential personal touch. Nothing can bring an outfit together, like the right  set of accessories. It’s vital to have some decorative items and expertly clad yourself in signature pieces that work with any look. It’s a no-brainer that we select the watches, rings and belts carefully, to match each particular outfit. However, don’t neglect one essential item, which can make or break the required image of effortless elegance.


Even these days, when cards and cashless are increasingly popular options, it’s unlikely that we can operate without resorting to cash in certain situations. But, when the time comes to pay, pulling out a battered wallet, stuffed with notes, coins, cards, photos , receipts and miscellaneous scraps of paper – well, how will that elevate your polished look? Let’s face it, it won’t.

That’s why you should consider investing in a money clip as an alternative to a wallet. Here are four advantages.

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Keep it sharp

Using a sleek, minimalist money clip simply looks so much cooler. Being far less bulky than a wallet, it will sit unobtrusively inside your jacket, trouser or jeans pocket. This means it won’t ruin the well-considered drape of your jacket or trousers, but instead will complete your sharp, polished look.


Regard your money clip as a statement piece that can say a lot about you. Choose minimalist steel with uber-understated accessories, to add the essential finishing touch to a sharp, corporate look. Or opt for a classic, burnished bronze, or even folding leather for a more traditional or relaxed feel. Using a money clip monogrammed with your initials will look far more understated and refined than, for example, cufflinks, which can be somewhat obvious as a way to personalise your look.

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A money clip is far more convenient than a wallet. The notes held by your clip are much more easily visible, so when you’re paying you can effortlessly access the ones you need. Whether you choose a clip with a spring mechanism, or one with a strong pinch closure, they’ll also be easy to extract.

Folding clips have the added advantage of storing cards safely, or they can be placed in the middle of the notes. Just guard against the temptation of trying to use your money clip exactly as you would a wallet, as you’ll start to pack it with too much stuff, and make it too bulky. In the case of a spring-loaded or pinch-force clip, there’s a risk that you’ll loosen the closure the over time.

More secure

A hefty wallet will tend to be placed in a back or side pocket, because it’s simply not comfortable when sitting, and, of course, it will create a untidy bulge which will ruin the drape of your clothes. Being flatter, a money clip can be stored, discreetly, in your front or side pocket, inside or outside, without ruining the line of your suit. This makes it far harder for a thief to see, and then access, without being noticed.

Choosing the right accessories based on your style shows that you pay attention to smaller details and strive to look your best every day. While it’s a matter of personal choice whether you use a money clip or a wallet, a clip certainly gives the edge in terms of the pared-down look, convenience and keeping your cash safe.

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