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Henrik Vibskov’s Vision for Spring Summer 25

Blending Compassion and Innovation: Henrik Vibskov’s Sustainable SS25 Collection


Henrik Vibskov unveils Spring/Summer 2025 Studio Collection, “The Orchestra of the Soft Assistance.” This collection combines the grace of human empathy with the adaptability of the animal kingdom. The central theme revolves around hands, symbols of assistance, compassion, and adaptability.


Vibskov explored how hands represent more than just physical aid; they embody empathy and the capacity to understand and share others’ feelings. As hands adapt to various tasks, so must we adapt to the needs of those we assist. Inspired by the natural world’s marvels, particularly the octopus’s adaptive abilities, the collection reflects transformation. The octopus, known for its ability to change shape and color to blend into its surroundings, symbolizes adaptability. Vibskov’s designs encourage us to rethink our past behaviors and adapt to create a better future. The collection’s fluid silhouettes and versatile garments echo the octopus’s transformative nature.


The Orchestra of the Soft Assistance” showcases fluid silhouettes, morphed patterns, and adaptable garments. By reimagining the classic check pattern, Vibskov created a jacquard woven checkered fabric with ocean motifs and a checkered knit where the pattern dissolves. The collection’s silhouettes draw from natural adaptations, featuring soft amoeba shapes and reinterpretations of gliding mammals’ skin. These designs fit garments into a square, allowing the body to shape them while letting the excess fabric flow along the sides.


Committed to sustainability, Vibskov has transformed all fabrics to be recycled or organic. For the SS25 Studio collection, 85.1% of the garments consist of at least 50% certified fibers, with certifications including GOTS Organic, GOTS Made with Organic, GRS Global Recycled Standard, EcoVero Viscose, and non-toxic dyes and prints. Vibskov aims to increase this number with each season.

View the collection in the Gallery below:

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Written by Anastasija Pavic

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