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SANKUANZ Spring Summer 25 Collection

This season, SANKUANZ draws inspiration from the Dakinis, mystical beings revered across multiple Asian cultures

© SANKUANZ Spring Summer 25 / photography by Giovanni Giovanni

SANKUANZ’s Chapter 6 collection, titled “Dancer in the Void,” was a highlight of Paris Fashion Week, drawing inspiration from the enigmatic Dakinis—a set of deities venerated in various Asian cultures. These celestial beings embody a duality, merging traits of compassion with their destructive capacities. This season, SANKUANZ taps into these opposing forces to explore  personal liberation and the complex layers of identity. The collection serves as a meditation on the blend of the ethereal and the tangible, challenging conventional notions of fashion’s role in articulating power and identity.


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The collection’s approach to tailoring marries classic Western cuts with the grand, wrapped styles typical of Asian garments, creating an intriguing interplay of proportions. This synthesis is evident in the redesigned suits, jackets, and work attire that feature distinct cultural elements such as crossed collars, snug belts at the hips, and exaggerated sleeves. A particularly striking feature is the extended collars that travel down the sleeves to the cuffs, reminiscent of traditional wrap shawls, showcasing a fluid blend of heritage and modernity.

© SANKUANZ / photography by Giovanni Giovanni

Fabric choices and print designs are pivotal in this collection, with a strong emphasis on denim accented by raw hems and a glossy nylon that mimics the classic denim finish. These foundational elements are enhanced by opulent materials like silk jacquards and taffetas that nod to Chinese brocade, offering a rich contrast of textures. This juxtaposition is further enriched by the integration of subtle Asian patterns with bold Western plaids and SANKUANZ’s hallmark camouflage print, crafting a narrative that resonates on a global scale.

© SANKUANZ / photography by Giovanni Giovanni

The collection’s jewelry pieces are more than mere accessories; they are integral to its narrative, with symbolic meaning. Pieces such as earrings, bracelets, and armbands feature motifs of fangs and claws, drawing on the darker, more enigmatic aspects of the Dakinis and signifying inner strength and hidden ferocity. The crafting techniques include traditional knotting, resulting in oversized necklaces and earrings finished in gold, with standout pieces like pendants crafted to resemble dagger hilts, studded with clustered horse-eye gems, which underscore the collection’s mystical and ceremonial inspirations.

© SANKUANZ / photography by Giovanni Giovanni

Footwear and handbags also echo SANKUANZ’s signature styles. This season sees the transformation of the iconic ‘Dagger Boots,’ which combine with sneaker bases to defy conventional shoe categories. Alongside updated boots and high heels, the new ‘boho bag’—available in either suede or a translucent finish—features the well-known dagger detail, expanding the ‘Dagger Bags’ series and making it a hallmark of the brand.

© SANKUANZ / photography by Giovanni Giovanni

An essential component of the collection’s presentation was its collaboration with avant-garde musician Wang Fan, whose project Amandalaom provided a haunting soundtrack that perfectly complemented the runway show. This musical partnership was more than just auditory; it was a profound exploration designed to link contemporary human experiences with those of bygone eras, enhancing the thematic depth of the collection. Take a closer look at the SANKUANZ Spring Summer 25 Collection in the Gallery below:

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Written by Pavle Banovic

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