A Workplace Style Guide For Fashionable Guys

Workplace style guide is becoming obsolete in many companies today, yet there still a list of unwritten rules. MMSCENE note some of the most important written and unwritten rules men should obey in the workplace.

Guillaume Malheiro
Photo ©Guillaume Malheiro for MMSCENE

These days, power suits might not be the integral part of a workplace style guide for modern business-casual workplaces, however, the way in which you dress for work still makes a difference to how successful you are at your job. People who choose the right clothing are treated better in the workplace, being given extra responsibilities and being shown more respect. It stands to reason, then, that knowing what you should wear to work is key to making the right impression on clients, colleagues and management alike.

Continue reading for a few work attire tips from MMSCENE magazine Editors:

The Biggest Mistakes To Avoid

Even if your workplace is business casual, that doesn’t mean you can wear absolutely anything. An unwritten workplace style guide applies in every office. Flip-flops, in some cases even visible tattoos, and jeans are an absolute no-no. Long-sleeved tops or shirts and tailored trousers are an absolute must regardless of the official line. However it’s not all in the clothes. Extreme haircuts should also be avoided if you want to create the right impression.

workplace style guide
Photo ©Guillaume Malheiro for MMSCENE

Adhering To A Uniform

If you have a loose uniform for your workplace – for example, a branded shirt with your own pants and shoes, you need to know how to avoid making a fashion faux pas. If in doubt, go for pants and shoes which are neutral and middle of the road. If you’re in a commercial kitchen, for example, and need a chef’s coat but no specific brand, style or type has been prescribed, you should always choose one from a high-quality, professional supplier that is tailored and stylish but which still meets the essential criteria. You can see chef coats by that are perfect for this.

Nevertheless when it comes to a uniform navigating the workplace attire is much easier. 

workplace style guide
Photo ©Guillaume Malheiro for MMSCENE

Suited Up For The Job

If you’re going for the best possible look, you should aim for high-quality fabrics with a jacket added to the trouser/shirt combo to achieve the most stylish look. If you’re not sure what you should be wearing to work on your first day working for a new company, you should always stay on the side of caution. Therefore choosing a plain, neutrally-colored jacket and pants with a plain, neutral-colored button-up shirt and closed-toe, smart shoes is the easiest of choices. This will ensure you don’t stand out from the crowd for all the wrong reasons. A suit is something you can’t go wrong whether there’s a written or unwritten workplace style guide in place. 

Look Like A Pro

Men in the workplace often make the error of turning up wearing casual clothes which simply aren’t appropriate for the office. Jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers are fine for a poker night with friends but aren’t suitable for the office. Edgy looks that involve showing off too much skin or visible tattoos are rarely appropriate at work. These are some of the things you should be mindful specially if you are working in an office environment. 

Guillaume Malheiro
Photo ©Guillaume Malheiro for MMSCENE

Often during warmer days in the summer we prefer to wear more light wardrobe. However  coming in shorts to the office is simply said unacceptable. We understand long trousers are the last thing you want to wear during the scorching summer days. Nevertheless solution lies in the choice of light summer fabrics. Light linen trousers are a great choice for the heatwave as well as the office. 

Going For A Whole Look

Selecting the right clothes is just a single component of completing a professional look. You also need to consider good hygiene and smart grooming. Some jobs have very strictly prescribed grooming looks in the job description. Those apply often especially on jobs where you are to work with clients. Hairstyle and clean shaven look may often be in the job description for flight attendants and even bank employees, but also even police officers. 

There are many things in the workplace that we can’t control, however, we can all take control over the level of professionalism that we’re showing the world, so step up to the plate, choose an appropriate and stylish outfit that will get you noticed for the right reasons and make sure you look your best every single day of the week.

All images above feature the handsome Andris with New Madison Model agency in Paris photographed by Guillaume Malheiro exclusively for MMSCENE Magazine – discover the full shoot.

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