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6 Romantic Gifts & Gestures That Say “I’m Sorry”

If you’re looking for an apology gift we’ve got some great ideas for you

6 Romantic Gifts & Gestures That Say I’m Sorry
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We all mess up sometimes. After all, we’re only human. In any kind of relationship (romantic or platonic), it’s important to know how to communicate with each other and, even though occasional fights are normal, you need to be able to address the root of the problem and talk openly with your partner.

However, starting the conversation off with a gesture of apology is a good way to show your partner that you didn’t mean to upset them, and you want to give a gift that demonstrates your appreciation for them. Once the argument has subsided and you present your gift, then it’s time to have an open dialogue and speak calmly and truthfully about your feelings to avoid the same kind of fight in the future.

If you’re still in the “looking for an apology gift” stage, we’ve got some great ideas for you, from a simple but honest apology letter to a stunning gold chain necklace.

6 Romantic Gifts & Gestures That Say "I’m Sorry"

Heartfelt Apology Note

Before you can begin to heal from your argument, you need to be able to acknowledge that you may have been in the wrong. If you feel as though the other person also had some part in the fight, you can discuss this at a later time. Before you can be open to an honest discussion, you need to reflect on your own actions.

A handwritten apology note is a wonderful gesture that will make your partner feel understood and appreciated. It shows that you put a lot of thought and effort into analyzing your disagreement and recognizing your own part in it. If you really want to pull out all the stops, present your apology letter with a small gift like fresh flowers or a box of chocolates.

breakfast in bed

Breakfast in Bed

Few things feel more luxurious than enjoying a delicious morning meal without having to leave the comfort of your bed. If you live with your partner, this is an easy way to show you care. Sneak out of the bedroom early and start preparing his or her favorite things—pancakes, waffles, avocado toast.

Don’t hold back. Maybe even fill a champagne flute with some bubbles and orange juice for a morning mimosa. Then, arrange your meal on a bed table or tray with a small note that says, “I’m sorry,” and even a little flower to jazz up the presentation. For many of us, food is really, truly the way to our hearts, so your sweetheart will have a tough time staying mad after waking up to a delicious meal like this.

flowers to the office

Flowers to the Office

A surprise gift is another great way to get yourself out of trouble because your partner won’t even expect to receive something when you’re not around. Women tend to be the ones who like receiving flowers as a gift, but we’re not bound by gender roles, baby. If your man likes himself some flowers, you can use this idea, too.

Order her favorite flowers on a day when you know she’ll be at work and send them to her office or other places of work with a heartfelt apology note. Make sure that she (or he) is the kind of person who won’t be put off by a little public display of affection. For many women, this gesture maybe even more meaningful when her co-workers get to see how thoughtful her partner is.

If he or she isn’t into big, grand gestures like this, you can still surprise them with flowers but have them delivered to the house—or show up on their doorstep yourself with the bouquet in hand.



Okay, jewelry is a great apology gift but, if you’re going to go big like this, it probably means you really screwed up. Of course, the monetary value of your gift doesn’t have to directly correlate with whatever incident occurred between you and your partner—but for some people, the bigger fight, the bigger the gift should be.

If you’re buying your partner a big-ticket jewelry piece like a Rolex watch for women or a diamond bracelet, the act of purchasing the item itself shouldn’t be solely because of your disagreement. The intention behind your action should have to do with how valuable you find your partner and how much you want to show them that you care. Include an apology with your presentation of the gift and find something that matches his or her style, whether it’s iced-out gold chains or a delicate bracelet.

6 Romantic Gifts & Gestures That Say "I’m Sorry"

Dinner at a Fancy Restaurant

If part of the reason you and your significant other are fighting has to do with not spending enough time with each other, planning a specific day for a big date is one way to show him or her that you’re serious about their feelings and you want to make things right.

Again, none of these gifts or gestures can be done without being accompanied by an apology as well. Invite your sweetheart out on the town to his or her favorite restaurant or make it an extra special occasion and get a reservation at one of the fancier places in your town or city. If you really want to pull out all the stops, tell the staff ahead of time that it’s a special night for you both, and see if they can make the meal even more memorable.

Spa Day

Show your appreciation for your partner when you pair your apology with a spa day. This can either be a gift card to a spa for a massage or other treatment or a homemade coupon promising a full day of at-home spa treatments. Giving your partner something that will help relieve their stress and get them into a more relaxed mindset will communicate how much you care about their well-being.

Putting in the time and effort to create your own spa day is, in some ways, even more meaningful. Set up the living room with a makeshift massage area, facial treatments, and aromatherapy. Then, allow your partner to change into a comfortable spa robe before presenting him or her with the list of available spa treatments that they can choose from. We promise it’ll be very difficult for them to stay mad at you after a few hours of pampering.

When trying to figure out how you can best apologize for a fight or a disagreement with your partner, it’s important to consider what the root of the problem is. Try to address this issue in your apology and your gesture or gift to let them know how special they are to you and that you’re willing to communicate and solve the problem together. Then, present them with something special like an expensive Rolex for women or a homemade breakfast in bed.

Their Wish List

While spa treatments and jewelry may already have been on your partner’s wish list for things they hadn’t justified splurging on yet, there are likely many others that you can choose from to say you’re sorry. Maybe she’s been wanting a new iPhone, a bottle of Jadore perfume, or a weekend getaway. Those and so many more things on their list would make fantastic apology gifts. In fact, in some ways, they could be more meaningful because while everyone wants a spa day or breakfast in bed, showing that you’ve listened to the things they’ve talked about and remembering what they wanted is a reminder that you are listening and value their place in their lives.

If you don’t know your partner’s specific wishlist, you can ask a friend of theirs or check out their social media accounts for brands they follow and buy them something whose content they love. If you messed up big time, your best bet is to buy several items on the list. Happy Shopping!



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