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6 Tips for Choosing The Best Men’s Jewelry

MMSCENE jewelry editors make it easier for you to choose the best men’s jewely with these 6 easy tips:

6 Tips for Choosing The Best Men’s Jewelry

A man who wants to look his best pays attention to quite a few details. Along with the choice and fit of attire, there’s a need to choose the right accessories. If you’re looking for jewelry for men like bracelets or link chains that provide the perfect look, then you know that it takes time to select the right pieces.

Here are six tips that will help you select jewelry that is right for the occasion and for the tastes of the man who will be wearing it.

6 Tips for Choosing The Best Men’s Jewelry

Everyday or Special Occasion Only?

One of the first factors to consider is whether the jewelry will be worn every day or if it’s intended for use on special occasions. Most men have go-to pieces that they wear most of the time. That may include watches, rings, and chains. They also have a cache of pieces that they bring out when it’s time for a first date, a holiday gathering, or some sort of formal event.

Your job is to determine if there’s a need for something to wear regularly or if something that’s more formal and ideal for special occasions is in order. That will help narrow the range of choices immediately.

What’s Your Man’s Personal Style?

Do pay close attention to what the recipient likes to wear. You can get a lot of cues from his mode of dress. Does he tend to be in business attire most of the time? Perhaps he prefers to wear something a little more dressy but still casual when he goes out. He might even be a flannel and jeans type of guy.

You’ll find there are jewelry types that fit in with all sorts of clothing. The best way to score a hit with the new jewelry is to go with something that fits in with his personal style and tastes. Remember the gift is about him, not you. Even if you don’t particularly like the piece but it’s a great choice for him, that’s the piece that you want to select.

6 Tips for Choosing The Best Men’s Jewelry

Find Out Which Types of Jewelry the Man Likes to Wear

Some men wear several pieces of jewelry. Your guy may like to deck out in link chains, one or two rings on a hand, and also wear a watch. Another man may prefer to keep things simple with a single ring on one hand and a watch on the opposing wrist. That information will help you focus on pieces your spouse, significant other, or friend is more likely to wear.

You’ll still have plenty of choices out there. The better jewelers will offer a wide selection of rings, bangles, bracelets, necklaces, chains, and watches. Settle on the combination that your guy likes the best and you’ll be on the way to making a good choice.

The Choice of Materials Matter

Materials are also key to the selection process. Take a look at what the recipient wears most of the time now. Does he seem to prefer gold rather than platinum? Perhaps his watch band is leather and the watch itself is gold with a black face. That would mean you might want to consider purchasing something like a gold ring that comes with a black sapphire or black onyx to set it off.

Even with casual wear, men like to wear jewelry that’s coordinated. Stick with the same metal and other materials whether you are looking for something to adorn the wrist, the hand, or the neck. For example, a simple leather bracelet that’s free of any charms would likely look great when paired with that gold and onyx ring.

6 Tips for Choosing The Best Men’s Jewelry

Opt for Something That’s in Proportion

Another factor to consider is the proportions of the new jewelry. Simply put, some sizes look better on certain men. You don’t want the piece to be overwhelming but you also don’t want it to disappear.

For example, a man with a thicker wrist and forearm can wear a watch that’s larger without it seeming to overwhelm then wrist. By contrast, a man with a thinner wrist and forearm will do well with a watch that’s somewhat slim.

The same goes for rings. Thicker fingers call for chunkier rings while thinner fingers require designs that are smaller. You can even apply this to chains, in that a man with a thicker neck and more developed upper chest can wear a chain that’s larger and more prominent.

Focus on Quality and Not Price

While you likely have a budget in mind, make it more about the quality of the pieces and less about the price. Within your price range, go with something that’s likely to hold up well. This is true even if your guy will typically wear the piece for special occasions only. Your goal is to provide a gift that will look great for many years. Settling for something less expensive but also of inferior quality means the piece may lose the finish or otherwise be unfit for use after a year or two.

Do take your time when looking for the perfect gift. Consider your man’s preferences and focus the search on quality jewelry only. You can bet the recipient will appreciate the effort as well as the gift itself.

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