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Breaking Into The Industry As A Male Model

Whether you are hoping to become a fitness model, or fashion modelling appeals to you, the following tips will help you find direction.

Photo ©Krzysztof Wyzynski for MMSCENE

Have you been dreaming of a career as a male model, yet you aren’t entirely sure where to start? Well, with the following top tips, you will be able to get your foot in the door as a professional male model. Whether you are hoping to become a fitness model, or fashion modelling appeals to you, the following tips will help you find direction.


Photo ©Krzysztof Wyzynski for MMSCENE
Photo ©Krzysztof Wyzynski for MMSCENE

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Determine Your Strengths

Whether you have super ripped abs that are perfect for fitness modelling, or your chiselled jaw-line is ideal for runway modelling, you will need to make an active effort to determine exactly what your strengths as a model are. You can determine your strengths by comparing male models posing as this will help you discover both your own strengths and weaknesses. Knowing your strengths will help you narrow your focus and stay on the right track while journeying towards success in the industry,

Enhance Your Confidence

It’s truly no secret that models need an abundance of unwavering confidence. You won’t be able to find success if you are even slightly camera shy, which is why you should consider activities that will help boost your confidence. In addition to this, you should also discover which angles are perfect for your appearance as not everyone will look good in the same poses. You can practice your poses in front of the mirror or request assistance from a trusted friend.

Build Your Portfolio

You will need a professional portfolio that showcases your incredible abilities as a male model and while you may be considering taking on any job offered to you, it would be best to consider opting for a portfolio that is created with the guidance of a professional modelling agency as this effort will uphold your professional reputation. Having an amateur portfolio as a model is comparable with a hand-written resume, which is why all your focus should be poured into your portfolio as it will have the power to determine how successful you will be in the industry.

Photo ©Krzysztof Wyzynski for MMSCENE

Boost Your Exposure

Once you have your portfolio, you will still need to take steps to boost your exposure as a male model. While dressing like a model may help you boost your confidence, creating an Instagram account to showcase your strengths will also help you get scouted. However, you can also rely solely on your agency to handle your exposure in the industry if you are not entirely willing to open yourself up to the world of social media as many male and female models find themselves on the receiving end of harsh criticism that can ultimately be quite devastating for both your reputation as well as your career.

Get Networking

Networking is important for models for several reasons. For starters, the network you build will help you find modelling gigs while also building your reputation. There are several ways to start networking, such as joining online groups and being active on social media. Although, it is crucial to be as professional as possible when engaging in social media platforms and online groups as your reputation is as important as your self-care routine.

Images by Krzysztof Wyzynski for MMSCENE

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