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Three Golden Rules For Men To Dress Well

How to dress well? MMSCENE Editors round up for you three golden rules to dressing well:

Guillaume Malheiro
Photo ©Guillaume Malheiro for MMSCENE Magazine

Regardless of a man’s style routine, everyone desires a few useful tricks and tips. Some men wear suits and fashion shirts easily, pulling off some daring combinations you wouldn’t prefer, and some have an opinion on such things with a few tweaks towards it. If you observe, well-dressed men aren’t as tall, slim or fit as they appear to be, as in most of the cases.

So, here’s the catch!

Actually, such men possess a knack of finding clothes that suit and fit them flawlessly. Also, they possess a high sense of confidence which arises because they know that the apparel they are putting reflect the best of their image. Now, you must be thinking if these men are born with a perfect sense of style. The answer is, to some extent, yes, however, the rest of the credit actually goes to some of the smart dressing rules, which we’ve discussed in this article. Read further to watch them out!

Rule # 1. Get The Right Fit

When we talk about men’s clothes, fit is everything which comes to the mind. Style savvy men acknowledge the worth of investing in a good tailor to make their custom outfits. At the same time, he also knows how to make some smart adjustments with the costumes to match up with the varied occasions. Minor alterations by a tailor could make a massive world of difference. Please pick up the most flattering suits from your wardrobe and get the tailor to customize and recreate their fit for you.

Rule # 2. Get A Good Watch

Another piece of advice is to choose a watch that marks your passage through time. Rugged sports models, aesthetic, or functional, all go well with the hard knocks of everyday wear. Still, it has to fit, and you should feel comfortable and be honest with the size and style that works well with your wrist. If you want to dress well, a good watch is a must which is not just an accessory, but also a tool that can give you the recognition of a hero. Apart from wearing the watches to keep a time track, men use it now as a primary fashion statement to maintain an edge among their peers. So, invest wisely in your watch and do your research thoroughly before putting it on.

Guillaume Malheiro
Photo ©Guillaume Malheiro for MMSCENE Magazine

Rule # 3. Wear Your Own Jeans

According to the co-owner of Forge Denim, the all-time most useful cut of the world’s most famous garment is slim-tampered. It’s comfortable if it’s wider in the thigh and works with either sneakers or smart shoes if it narrows down the ankle. Denim gives ultimate pleasure when it ages with the way you wear it. So, grab the one which is yours, or if you have tactical pants, you can make some bolder variations with your overall outfit.

Understand Yourself And Follow The Rules

Now that we have discussed the golden rules to dress well, the most important rule is to relax and be confident in what you wear. Have full confidence in the outfit you wear and trust your instincts. Ensure that you enjoy your outfit as how you wear it and what you wear. Don’t just make these rules the dictionary of your style statement. Know yourself and add meaning to your life while making your fashion choices. Understand what makes you feel pleasant and comfortable, and what sort of fashion reflects your personality the best. It would be best if you attained the maturity to customize the rules by knowing who you are. This is above all the fashion trends and makes yours’ the hottest fashion in the world.

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