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WEEK ON IG: Alton Mason, Jay Alvarez, Sasha Trautvein & more..

Past week on IG featuring models-to-follow is a mix of warm beach resort vacations and pre-holiday moods from the likes of Edison Fan, Jay Alvarez, Alton Mason, Sasha Trautvein, Florian Macek, Neels Visser, Pietro Baltazar, Loic Williams, Brandon Good, Derek Chadwick, and Tim Lambert more.

Scroll down for more of the last week’s IG action:

Luke Volker

“Los Angeles ‘18 💚” @thatfuckinglukeflorian macek

“couldn’t decide – color or black and white – what u think? 🤔” @florianmacek

ron levi

“לא יודע למה יש לי תירוש ביד🤷🏻‍♂️” @ron_.leviediosn fan

“Maybe it’s time to call it off 👋🏻” @edisonfanyeaugusta alexander

“#army #UpsideDown” @augusta_alexanderneels visser

“just a photo of me and my 🎸 on the way to the studio 🎶” @neelsvisserjay alvarez

Tattoos on my skin? They have always been under my skin as feelings and emotions it’s only now that I show them on my skin for the rest of you to feel as well. more tattoos or na? #shotonapotato” @jayalvarrezalton mason

changing the narrative” @altonmasonpietro baltazar

The sun shines behind us For @_manabouttownuk By @morellibrothers🌪• @lucamariamorelli and @alessandromariamorelli • styles @julianagmnz production @marcusbchang @nextmodels” @pietrobaltazarantonielo horst

“When you see the changes that are coming up very.. very soon! 👀😏” @antonielokhorstloic williams

Come closer I need to tell you something……” @loic.williamsSasha Trautvein

“you wanna play ?? Let’s play!!!:) )))))))” @sashadidntwakeup
brandon good

“east coast guy , but damn this is november in LA” @goodbhaviorjacob bix

“*” @jacobbixderek chadwick

howdy” @derekchadwicktim lambert

Tunnel vision” @timalambert @maxwellpothandrew georgiades

just got it back but say goodbye to the beard” @andrewgeorgiades𝐓𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐫 𝐑𝐞𝐞𝐬𝐞

The first rule of Fight Club is: You do not talk about Fight Club.” @tannerareeseAlex Chee

To seek for great Success. You must first seek for Peace internally” @alex_cyk

Mango Man

Hamid Onifade & Julian Schneyder Model Mango Man Holiday 2018 Collection

Gucci Gift

Gucci Gift 2018 Menswear by Petra Collins