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Thomas Hoefnagels and Sverre Denis by Martin Bing

Martin Bing Martin Bing

Editorial/Project: Reflection
Models: Thomas Hoefnagels and Sverre Denis |Both at IMM Bruxelles|
Photographer: Martin Bing
Exclusive look at Martin Bing's exhibition project featuring models Thomas Hoefnagels and Sverre Denis engaged in a Reflection play envisioned by the photographer.

When I see my reflection, I see a person that no one sees but me. Other people see a person, when they look at me, but I am not that person, either. The idea was to make all the same pictures, same poses, more or less the same effects and light. But with a completely other background and other materials. – Martin Bing

The effects you see are not a Photoshop trick, Martin did not include any manipulation, all you see in these photos is real. View more over at our sister site

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