Fake It Till You Make It: Tips for Becoming a Male Model

Let’s face it: breaking into the male model scene is not easy.

Noah Herbst
Photo ©Dietmar Herbert for MMSCENE

It probably seems like an uphill journey that keeps getting higher, and you feel like you’ll never get your big break.

We’re here to give you the encouragement you need to keep going and keep yourself feeling like you’re living that model life while you wait for it to fully manifest.

Look New Without Spending a Fortune

You don’t have to spend all the money you’re making (be it from small beginning modeling jobs or your coffee bar tips) on clothes and accessories that you see all the big-timers wearing.

And don’t forget the power of thrifting! You can find vintage pieces, one-of-a-kind jewelry, collector’s items, décor for your bachelor pad, and even gifts for those other fancy model-type people in your life who are always looking for their newest fancy favorite thing.

A well-thrifted statement piece is a unique and powerful choice that will make you stand out. You can even try your hand at upscaling your thrifted items to make your outfit truly eye-catching and show off your personality.

However, if you want to have a couple of high-end items, try out somewhere like Precision Watches or second-hand stores. You can still get that expensive signature item even if you are on a barista budget.

Learn from the Greats

Everyone wants to be a part of the action without making a fool of himself, and it seems like those who are making it know a secret language and the tricks of the trade. These tricks also don’t make out of the circles that know them.

Don’t worry, though. The best thing you can do is learn by experimenting, observing, and practicing.

Here’s our biggest tip: watch the patterns and pick up on the silent cues. How do the famed ones act around each other? What are they all doing that you should be doing, too? Read all the interviews and bios you can get your hands on, and model yourself (no pun intended) after the journeys of those who you aspire to be.

Self-fulfilling prophecies work both ways. If you are down on yourself thinking you’ll never get that perfect gig to set your career skyrocketing, you probably won’t. But if you tell yourself each morning that you are fabulous, strong, worth all the work… then you’ll believe it and manifest it into reality.

Dietmar Herbert
Photo ©Dietmar Herbert for MMSCENE

Get Into the Best Places on the Off Days and Times

Do you feel like you are always pining away to dine at Nobu or get into the clubs on Sunset Boulevard but can’t ever seem to make it on the reservation or guest list? We suggest trying for a time when everyone else isn’t getting in there.

Try for an earlier dinner date on a weekday, or go to the club when it isn’t Friday or Saturday night. You’ll still get the experience and be able to tell stories about what you ordered and how you rocked that dance floor, maybe gaining some clout that can help you make it there during the hotter weekend nighttime parties later on.

The best thing about this strategy is the chance you may bump into some people like yourself, striving for fame, and be able to chat shop and plan on how to make it big.

Enjoy the Journey

Everyone starts somewhere. One day, once you’ve made it big, you’ll look back on being a small fish in a big pond and smile to yourself. It requires a bit of finesse and practice and a lot of perseverance, but if you want it, you can eventually have it.

Keep those sultry eyes on the shiny prize, it’s going to taste so sweet when you make it.

Images by Dietmar Herbert for MMSCENE

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