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LGN Louis Gabriel Nouchi’s Resort  2025 Collection

A Fusion of Primal Instincts and Contemporary Design

Courtesy of LGN

LGN Louis Gabriel Nouchi‘s Resort  2025 collection explores the primal aspects of human nature, offering a compelling exploration of desire, violence, sensuality, and touch. Inspired by the sense of smell, the collection evolves into a fantasy where bodies and skin are central yet mysteriously elusive. This approach redefines the traditional wardrobe with sensuous materials like waxed leather, greasy denim, and black jacquard linen, inviting touch and closeness. The envisioned man in this collection is a paradox, embodying both beauty and cold detachment, with subtle violence embedded in the designs. The signature slit transforms into a decisive vertical cut, reminiscent of a Fontana gesture, blending eroticism with intimidation. The palette of bone white, black, and oxblood emphasizes this primal focus, illustrating the struggle between raw instincts and civilized aesthetics.

Courtesy of LGN

In collaboration with PUMA, LGN reimagines the iconic Mostro shoe into a radical mule design, capturing the essence of the Mostro in a single material. This innovative transformation results in a product that serves as both a design object and a comfortable sneaker, pushing the boundaries of contemporary footwear and showcasing LGN’s blend of innovation and tradition.

Courtesy of LGN

The SS25 collection also features a significant collaboration with ECCO.Kollektive, introducing a range of footwear, bags, and ready-to-wear pieces. Leather, treated with a saturated wax technique, becomes an extension of the skin, enhancing the collection’s sensuality. This treatment allows the ready-to-wear pieces to stretch over a transparent jersey base, adding a dynamic element to the collection. The bags, inspired by LGN’s iconic underwear designs, and the shoes, with their radical and brutalist construction applied to classic forms, exhibit a balance of sensuality and functionality.

Courtesy of LGN


A standout of this season is LGN’s first collaboration with visual artist Sasha Ferré, facilitated by Almine Rech. This partnership has produced an exclusive Jacquard fabric inspired by Ferré’s extraordinary paintings and unique gestures. Combined with LGN’s signature tailoring, this fabric is used to create a limited edition of highly sensual pieces, bridging the gap between fashion and art and offering a unique experience.

Courtesy of LGN


LGN’s Pre-Spring 2025 collection is a bold and introspective journey through the complexities of human carnality. By merging fashion with art and innovation, LGN offers a collection that is not only visually striking but also intellectually stimulating, inviting wearers to explore their primal instincts.

View the collection in the Gallery below:

Written by Anastasija Pavic

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