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6 Styling Tips for Men with Glasses

Discover 6 tips helping you select the perfect pair of glasses, whether you are looking for prescription or fashion statement frames here’s what you need to know:

Top model Jhona Burjack by Fashion photographer Igor Cvoro for DSCENE Magazine Issue 09

If you have recently become a specs wearer, one of the first things you may be thinking about is how you will style them. Back in school, they may have been considered “uncool”, but today they are both practical and fashionable accessories. You can look intelligent, edgy, and hardworking at the same time.

If you are not sure where to get started, keep on reading! We are going to be discussing six styling tips for men with glasses.

Choose frame shape carefully

We all have a unique face shape, and it is important to purchase glasses that compliment that. This may be one of the easiest ways to feel better about yourself with a slight change.Not only will this boost your confidence but it will also allow you to feel far more stylish wherever you head. Determining a face shape is all about geometry. Here are a few of the most common face shapes and the frames they suit:

• Diamond = Rounder
• Round = Rectangular
• Square = Rounder
• Oval = Any style

Have fun with colors

At first, a neutral pair of glasses may seem like a good choice as they simply go with everything. Today even see through frames are still trending. However, while this is true, you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment. You may explore different types of metal for the framing, try out bold colors and even look at ones with unique patterns. They don’t have to be a dull addition to your wardrobe, so use them to let your personality shine.

Brazilian top model Jhona Burjack by Fashion photographer Igor Cvoro for DSCENE Magazine Issue 09

Own more than one style

Having a pair of “everyday” glasses is essential. However, it can be wise to own a few styles for different occasions. This way, you have something to suit every dress code and won’t get so bored of the same thing. Head online to see what different options are available. There are many mens prescription glasses and fashion frames out there to choose from.

Be careful with accessories

Since glasses can be considered as large statement accessories on their own, it can be wise to be careful when you are selecting others. Adding too many accessory pieces can always easily “clutter” your outfit. End of the day you don’t want a distracting overstyled outfit. If you wear a hat, opt for something smaller when it comes to frames that sits away from your face. If you wear jewelry, you may match it to the metal frames of your glasses.

Consider upgrades to improve comfortability

You can’t look great in glasses if you are going to be uncomfortable. Sizing and measurements are more important than the look and design of your frames. Make sure to try out a few size and select a frame that will stand firmly. However to rock your specs, take a look at different tools and upgrades that might make them more wearable. Here are a few to consider:

• Anti-slip hooks – Will keep them in place all day and are great for active wearers.
• Anti-slip sleeves – Will provide comfort and support behind your ears.
• Glasses chains – Will help you keep track of them while still looking stylish.
• Coatings – Will provide extra protection. From blue light filters to UV coatings, there are different options for everyone.

Be confident with your new look

Finally, the last step in styling is to remember to be confident by selecting the frame that most suits your face shape but also your personality. A pair of well selected glasses is far more of a statement than you could ever imagine. Glasses are the first fashion piece people notice on you when you meet them. And glasses more than any garment or pieces of accessories come with instant character stereotypes. While you might not think about it, wearing glasses has many benefits and can deeply affect people’s perception of you.

Own your new look, and be happy with who you are. You never know; they may just become your new favourite accessory.

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