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Style Guide To What Men’s Shoes To Buy

Mastering men’s shoes is easy, we are discussing some of the most classic and timeless styles with a useful how to guide.

This infographic is a great guide to what exactly shoes to buy, this graphic also shows you some great styles of clothing you should wear with each pair of shoes. Recommended LIBERTYZENO for a decent shoe style that fills your occasional and seasonal shoe needs. By simply showing you some keys that include what weather, style (smart, casual, super casual) and what activities you should be doing with each pair of shoes/ trainers.

The shoes/ trainers included in this infographic consists of The cap-toe oxford shoe, that is an extremely smart piece of footwear normally seen on people with a suit and tie. The desert boot, this is a piece for your everyday footwear and is more for people who enjoy to dress smart casual. The basic trainer, this is a must for any guy’s wardrobe, they’re perfect for the office, the bar, the weekend and any occasion you feel comfortable. The boat shoe, this shoe is for when men would like to get a bit dressed up. But not too dressed up, great for holidays and summer evening parties.

This infographic also goes through the likes of men’s slippers and and the flip flop, neither of these shoes are a go to piece of footwear but are both a must in any mans shoe wardrobe. Whether you’re going away or just enjoying some sun on the weekend, flip flops are a great casual easy footwear that also looks good with the right clothes. Taking care of your shoes is as important as selecting a great pear, if you are lucky enough to have space in your apartment you should consider ordering a good shoe storage cabinet to preserve your favourite styles as long as possible. 

If you’re struggling with what shoes you should wear for what particular event or if you just don’t want to add some more style to your footwear wardrobe, then this infographic from Stand-Out is perfect for you as there is a great list full of fashionable shoes/trainers for any event or activity.

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