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Know Your Fashion: The 5 Biggest Menswear Brands Of 2019

Know Your Fashion The 5 Biggest Menswear Brands Of 2019

The best clothing brands for men are the benchmark for top quality clothing. Here’s a short, compiled list of the biggest menswear brands of 2019.

Are you someone who is big on clothing and fashion? Are you wondering which clothing brands you should go for this year? 

Quality is a priority but if you also want something fashionable. You want to put on something that will make you look sharp for a very long time.

Know Your Fashion The 5 Biggest Menswear Brands Of 2019

Experts project that the menswear industry in the United States will reach the $147 billion mark by the end of 2019. With so much money consumers spend on clothing, it is wise to stick to menswear brands that offer a high level of both quality and style. 

Keep on reading below and find out some of the biggest brands you should consider this year.

Menswear Brands: Your Big 5 for the Year

With hundreds of different menswear brands out there, picking the best ones is a tall order. It is not as easy as buying clothes for children. You should follow a certain standard that will guide you in your selections. 

However, there are brands that really stand out. These are the clothing giants that consistently offer topnotch quality. These are the brands that tickle men’s fancies in terms of fashion and style.

Let’s take a look at five of the biggest brands you should sport this year.

Know Your Fashion The 5 Biggest Menswear Brands Of 2019

  1. Timberland

Whenever people hear the word “Timberland,” the first thing that comes into their mind is boots. However, this American clothing line offers more than durable and fashionable footwear. 

Today, Timberland brings more than outdoor clothing to the table. In fact, the company named British fashion designer Christopher Raeburn as global creative director. This move meant that the brand is going up to the next level.

Timberland’s outdoor selections are even more fashionable than before. Apart from footwear, the brand offers shirts and tops of different varieties. It offers cotton T-shirts, long sleeves, flannel shirts, and hoodies.

They also carry a selection of denim pants, jogger pants, and chino pants. During summer, you can go for their famous cargo short pants. 

Another exciting thing about Timberland is its focus on eco-friendly production. This is one of the key directives of Raeburn. The designer also has a knack for purposeful design. 

If it is utilitarian design with a touch of streetwear vibe you are looking for, then Timberland is your best bet.

  1. Tommy Hilfiger

One of the most iconic names in fashion, Tommy Hilfiger continues to reinvent itself. But with the changes they impose, they still remain loyal to their clients. They do so by maintaining their high standards in quality and aesthetics.

The brand offers an extensive selection that practically covers everything men need in terms of clothing. But if you are going to zoom in on the brand’s strengths, it has to start with their shirts. The company offers a long line of men’s shirts.

They have shirts that come with simplistic designs. They also carry some that have bold and expressive colors.  They also offer hoodies and sweatshirts made of durable materials. 

Looking for high-quality pants? They have some of the best jeans in town. Slim, straight, skinny, or relaxed, they have jeans for different body types.

Tommy Hilfiger is for men searching for a dependable name that is able to keep in step with today’s trends.

  1. Nike

Fashion is so dynamic that sportswear can double as casual wear. Nike is one of those good old companies that continue to prove that statement. 

If you are looking for shoes that you can wear in and outside of the gym, the brand has a lot to offer. The company continues to churn up innovative design in footwear. Their products boast of comfort for athletic use and for casual walking.

They integrate materials that everybody thought were taboo. A perfect example is the Flyknit. This technology features high-strength fibers that provide topnotch durability in a lightweight form.

This technology performs remarkably in basketball courts. It also provides the comfort that you need while strolling inside the mall. 

Moreover, the company continues to release some of their most iconic designs from decades back. Nike calls these releases the “retros.” These sneakers cater specifically to men who wish to relive their younger days through the sneakers they sported back in the 90s. 

If you’re going to pick a shoe that best embodies the retro, you can go for the Nike Air Jordan 11 Concord. The shoe first came out in 1995 as Michael Jordan’s 11th signature sneaker. It featured an upper nylon mesh and patent leather.

Patent leather in a basketball shoe was something nobody ever thought was possible. But Nike made it happen.

Know Your Fashion The 5 Biggest Menswear Brands Of 2019

  1. Balenciaga

If you are looking something from the higher end of the spectrum, Balenciaga is an excellent brand to go for. Surprisingly, it is one of the brands that are at the forefront of a renegade movement in menswear brands.

Like any other major fashion house, Balenciaga practically offers everything. From T-shirt and polos to jackets and coats, Balenciaga has them all. 

And if you are looking for some elite accessories, you can try their leather bracelets and scarves. They even offer leather wallets and caps for everyday use.

  1. Mack Weldon

Despite being a relatively new player, Mack Weldon is stamping its class in the underwear world. The brand looks to give men a chance to enjoy topnotch underwear options. The company realized that men tend to pay little attention to their underwear.

The end result is that they settle for low-quality items that do not last them very long. Thus, they started offering high-quality underwear in different styles. 

They also offer undershirts, socks, and tops. They also cater to swimmers in need of dependable swim gear.

 In addition, the company prides itself in comfort. This is something every man needs in undergarments.

Know Your Fashion The 5 Biggest Menswear Brands Of 2019

Make the Best Choices, Today!

Fashion is so dynamic that what works today may not look good tomorrow. This is a big challenge for menswear brands. They need to stay relevant by providing what men need at the moment. 

But choosing can be tough for some. Thus, you need to expand your knowledge of fashion. Keep on reading our articles and blog posts. We discuss some of the top brands and the best clothes and accessories that are worth your money.

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