Louis Vuitton Presents Medals Trays for Paris 2024 Olympics

Iconic design meets functionality.


LVMH and the Paris 2024 Organizing Committee have unveiled eco-designed outfits for volunteer medal bearers and specially crafted medals trays by Louis Vuitton, set to be used during the Olympic and Paralympic Games. These new designs highlight LVMH’s commitment to sustainability, creativity, and craftsmanship for the Paris 2024 celebrations.

Marking 100 years since Paris last hosted the Games, LVMH designed outfits that pay tribute to the 1920s, an era of sportswear evolution, feminism, and unisex styles. The 515 medals bearers will wear these historically inspired yet modern outfits, which emphasize fluidity and freedom of movement.

The unisex outfits include polo shirts, roomy pants, and traditional gavroche caps made from 100% eco-designed materials. Recycled textiles and a commitment to creative circularity align with LVMH’s sustainability goals. The garments are largely made in France, with contributions from family enterprises and non-profits supporting refugee artisans.


Louis Vuitton’s artisans crafted the medals trays, covered in historic Damier canvas with interiors lined in matte black leather. Designed to hold two to six medals, these trays add a touch of French elegance to the Victory Ceremonies, carrying medals designed by Chaumet.

Pietro Beccaro, Chairman and CEO of Louis Vuitton, expressed pride in the collaboration, highlighting the shared values of excellence, creativity, and craftsmanship. Antoine Arnault of LVMH emphasized the importance of these creations in preserving the history and spirit of the Paris 2024 Games.

LVMH’s involvement in Paris 2024 showcases its dedication to sustainability and cultural heritage, creating lasting memories for athletes and spectators alike.

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Written by Katarina Doric

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