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A New Chapter: Études Studio’s Avant-Garde SS25 Showcase

Showcased through immersive performances, the SS25 collection highlights the brand’s multidisciplinary approach

Courtesy of Études Studio

Études Studio heralds a pivotal shift with its SS25 collection, embodying its foundational principles and urban energy. Unveiled at the Palais de Tokyo, the collection is divided into two segments: N°24 Untitled (Sans Titre) and N°25 Never Before Seen, enhanced by live performances from musician Pierre Bujeau-Megabasse, poet James Massiah, and choreographer Michele Rizzo.

Courtesy of Études Studio

N°24 Untitled (Sans Titre) encapsulates the spirit of urban creativity by blending workwear with Parisian refinement. The collection features robust fabrics and functional designs like tailored work jackets and utilitarian pants, all exuding an understated sophistication. Structured blazers combined with rugged cargo pants exemplify the perfect mix of practicality and style, demonstrating a seamless fusion of utility and elegance.

On the other hand, N°25 Never Before Seen features fabrics altered by development acids, screen-printing, and bold graphic designs. This segment includes oversized hoodies, distressed jeans, and graphic tees, each piece boasting experimental patterns and textures. The collection mirrors the chaotic energy of city life, with prints inspired by early pop art and the unmistakable influence of Andy Warhol.

Courtesy of Études Studio

The SS25 collection marks a fresh phase for Études Studio as it reunites with its original entity, “Studio,” evolving into Études Studio. This transformation aligns with a new approach to showcasing collections and a revamped global identity. The collection highlights the brand’s focus on innovation and artistic exploration, building on over a decade of creative achievements.


By emphasizing its interdisciplinary nature, Études Studio seamlessly integrates fashion, publishing, and art. The “É” symbol, serving as both a signature and homage to the brand’s French heritage, encapsulates its identity. 

View the collection in the Gallery below:

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Written by Anastasija Pavic

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