Versace Names Cai Xukun as Global Brand Ambassador

Chinese superstar Kun brings his dynamic influence to Versace

Courtesy of Versace

Versace has officially announced Chinese superstar Cai Xukun, widely known by his mononym Kun, as their new Global Brand Ambassador. This partnership marks a significant step for Versace, as Kun brings a vibrant and dynamic persona to the brand, reflecting its ongoing commitment to align with influential talents in the global entertainment industry. Kun, a prominent figure in Chinese pop culture, is not just a singer and music producer but also a noted dancer and actor, making him a multifaceted performer, perfectly suited to represent a dynamic brand like Versace.

Kun’s journey into the limelight began with his debut as a member of the boy group SWIN and its sub-unit SWIN-S in 2016, following his participation in the Chinese reality show Super Idol. However, his breakthrough came when he left SWIN to join iQiyi‘s reality survival show Idol Producer. Here, he emerged as the top contestant, leading to his debut as the leader and center of the Chinese boy group Nine Percent in 2018. This was just the beginning of a soaring career that would see him not only dominate music charts but also become a beloved figure in Chinese entertainment.


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The collaboration between Kun and Versace is expected to synergize Kun’s youthful, trend-setting image with Versace’s luxury and innovative fashion ethos. This partnership not only enhances Versace’s visibility in the Asian market but also aligns with their strategy to connect with younger audiences globally. Kun’s influence extends beyond music into fashion and public appearances, making him an ideal face for Versace’s campaigns that often blend bold fashion statements with celebrity power.

This new role as a Global Brand Ambassador for Versace is an example of Kun’s international appeal and his ability to resonate with a global audience. As Versace continues to expand its brand across diverse markets, embracing a star like Kun represents a forward-thinking approach to global branding. This collaboration not only promises to bring exciting new campaigns and perhaps exclusive collections but also signifies a bridge between Western luxury fashion and Eastern pop culture, heralding a new era of cultural exchange and mutual influence in the fashion industry.

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