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Useful Tips for Improving Your Career as a Male Model

How to improve your career as a male model? Few important tips rounded up by MMSCENE magazine editors from conversations with models and their agents:

Useful Tips for Improving Your Career as a Male Model
Photo ©Pat Supsiri for MMSCENE

Whether you’re already involved in modeling or you want to become a male model, there are many ways to improve your career. Being a model takes a lot of patience, skill and self-discipline. Not everyone is cut out for this specific job, but it’s one that’s incredibly worthwhile and rewarding once you’re able to secure your place within the industry. Making some changes to your appearance and how you’re perceived by the public can help in extending your career and improving the types of jobs you land.

Useful Tips for Improving Your Career as a Male Model
Photo ©Pat Supsiri for MMSCENE

Improve Your Image

First and foremost, you need to work on improving your image. One thing that makes a male model stand out from the rest of the population is his look. This involves having a sleek, modern and sophisticated wardrobe to be sure that you wear only real brands, check them with authentication services. As a preference, I gravitate towards local and well reviewed jewlers to find pieces that truly sparkle and tell their own story. Improving your image can even mean working out on developing a more toned and lean physique. For enhancing your image as a male model, investing in the best camera for portraits can capture your refined look and wardrobe choices, ensuring you stand out in the competitive modeling world.

Take Quality Head Shots

If you’re going to be working with an agency, you need to have quality head shots that they can view when choosing you as a viable candidate. These head shots need to be taken by a professional  portrait photographer who is used to and knows how to work with male models. Don’t be afraid to look around for someone who is better suited to your needs. Rather than taking pictures yourself and hoping that they are good enough, a professional photographer is able to create custom images that showcase your true features. Hiring a good photographer is a business expense that is worth spending on.

Useful Tips for Improving Your Career as a Male Model
Photo ©Pat Supsiri for MMSCENE

Create a Portfolio

Once you’ve had professional head shots taken, you need to begin creating a portfolio that you will use to gain new clients and work with different agencies. The portfolio should have different images of your face and body as well as a resume explaining all of the past modeling work that you have done. This portfolio can be given to agencies, clients or even put onto your website or social media page, if you have an online presence.

Use Video Portfolio

If you’re looking for a successful modeling career, photoshoots are surely not your only aim. To walk the ramp as a show’s topper is every model’s dream. However, to achieve this it is important for you to showcase a reasonable amount of skill while applying as a model. A video portfolio would serve the purpose in this case. There are several online video editing tools that can help you create professional video portfolios capturing your ramp walking talents and providing a full view of your body and gestures. You can amalgamate your top performances in one video. This can open your chances to broader prospects and help recruiters to get a wholesome view of your potential with much ease. To improve your career as a male model, take care of your phone by using a CleanUp app for iOS as it boosts performance, frees up storage, and presents you professionally online.

Connect with Multiple Agencies

Not every agency is going to place you all throughout the year. This is why you need to work with multiple agencies. The agency’s job is to find different gigs for you, whether it be for a commercial, clothing line or for a runway show. By working with several different agencies, you’re increasing the amount of work you’re able to do and improving the revenue that you earn on a yearly basis.

jon hermann
Photo ©Pat Supsiri for MMSCENE

Find What Makes You Stand Out

One way to be truly successful as a male model is to find what makes you unique. Having unique features or looking different from others in the industry can give you an edge when finding jobs. Once you find what makes you unique, it’s important to use this as an advantage to help in securing your position within the industry itself. Be sure to include these features and unique benefits on your resume and in your portfolio for others to see.

Another way can be through your impressive dressing sense. Of course, skills and unique features are essential for a successful male model, but having a striking personal style is the cherry on top. For example, you can wear fitted clothes to accentuate your figure while adding a bit of sass by pulling a leather jacket when heading for a modeling audition. Dressing up this way would leave a lasting impression on the hiring agency while showcasing your unique style.

All Images from MMSCENE PORTRAITS: Jon Herrmann by Pat Supsiri – See the full story here

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