The Basics to Becoming a Fashionably Dressed Man

In order to look good you need to follow the basics which have been established by the men’s fashion icons of our day. They have set a few standards that any man who wants to look good can follow and be assured that they are high on style. For a brief outline of some of the basics you need to follow, keep reading.

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Get Yourself a Tailored Suit

There is no bigger fashion statement you can make, than to order yourself a tailor made suit. When you go this route and hire a top tailor, you are sending the message that you have the highest degree of taste in fashion. A tailor will take your measurements down to the last detail and then create a suit that fits you perfectly. The process includes a design phase, where you choose the style of the suit you want. You can pick a single or double breasted jacket with one, two, or more buttons, you choose the type of fit and the drape of the jacket and pants. You select the fabric, the color, and buttons. The suit is then custom made for you, and after a fitting where some final adjustments are made, you end up with a suit that is completely custom. Your tailor also has your measurements and can create custom suits for you anytime in the future providing your measurements don’t change.

Get Yourself Some Good Shoes

The mark of a truly fashionable man is a good pair of stylish shoes. This is an area of your wardrobe where you need to invest because it will definitely pay off. A good pair of shoes will be comfortable, lasting for years and still looking and feeling good. They should also be timeless looking stylish no matter the season. The best selections will look good with a custom suit and a pair of jeans and will make the outfit look more special in either case.

Get Yourself Groomed

Have you ever noticed that the fashionably dressed man always looks good no matter what he is wearing? This is partially because he knows what to wear. He spends the time to learn what clothes to choose and what looks good on him. This takes months of research and an understanding that just because a new look is in style, it does not mean that this look is for him. He may pass on some looks entirely or wear certain looks for an extended period of time because it fits him so well. He may also pick variations on a look or only wear a partial look mixed with something completely different. This ability to choose comes from paying attention and lots f research.

The other reason that the fashionably dressed man always looks good is because he is well groomed. His hair is always trimmed neat and his facial hair is always styled right. He uses the right grooming products for his skin so it glows and his nails are trimmed too. This special attention to grooming is not by accident. The fashionable male knows that it makes all the difference.
Stick close to these tips and you will begin to get noticed for your style.

Images by Guillaume Malheiro for MMSCENE

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