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5 Style Tips for Men to Look Sharp

Below are some essential style tips to looking sharp, but let’s first look at the difference between style and fashion

5 Style Tips for Men to Look Sharp
Photography by © Erik Kolics

The world often judges us by the way we look and present ourselves. How you dress can change how people perceive and interact with you. But it can also boost your confidence levels. Dressing stylishly and sharply can be easy and inexpensive. Being stylish is about dressing in a way that expresses who you are.

It’s about putting a more personal touch on the choice of clothing you wear. With the proper guidance, you can look sharp, stylish, and timeless. Below are some essential style tips to looking sharp, but let’s first look at the difference between style and fashion.

Style vs. Fashion

Fashion and style are often used interchangeably. But there is a difference between the two. Fashion is best used to describe a popular trend in dressing in a specific era. However, style is more personal. Style is about how a person expresses themselves through the way they dress.

Every person’s style is different and can say a lot about a person. The biggest misconception when it comes to being stylish is that you need to have fancy and expensive clothes. The right choice of clothes, accessories, hairstyle, and shoes put together can make you look stylish, presentable, and sharp.

5 Style Tips for Men to Look Sharp
Photography by © Erik Kolics

Essential Style Tips to Looking Sharp

Part of looking sharp is knowing your style. Here are tips to looking sharp:

  1. Know What Is Right for You

Often people may copy another person’s style or follow a style that’s trending. If this is you, that’s totally fine as long as the style is right for you. There are new trends every day that are cool, and that can make you look stylish. But you need to understand first what you like and what you’re comfortable with before sticking to a specific style.

Choosing the right style can play a role in how you see yourself. Understanding your style can help you make the right choice regarding what clothes you wear and how you wear them. So, if you are short on inspiration, you can always go on the internet for some ideas on the types of men’s clothing you might like.

  1. The Right Fit

A sharply-dressed man means being dressed in clothes that are clean, well-fitted and look neat. The key to looking sharp is wearing clothes that are clean and fit your body type. The clothes you wear and how you wear them can create an impression regarding how other people see you. Wearing well-fitted clothing can make you look neat, presentable, and leave you with enough room to breathe. By dressing sharply, you show people and yourself that you respect your body and are comfortable with your body and style.

  1. The Right Clothes

You don’t have to buy new and expensive clothes to look sharp. It’s how you wear your clothes. Looking sharp is about wearing clean and presentable clothes. You can wear old clothes and still look presentable. For professional occasions, always have well-fitted dress shirts that you can wear with well-fitted formal pants and a blazer or jacket. You can also mix it up by wearing a turtleneck with a suit. The turtleneck can replace the t-shirt and tie.

Solid one-colour t-shirts, V-necks, chinos, and denim jeans are always the go-to clothing for casual occasions.  You can wear chinos for professional occasions, too, if you’re going for a semi-formal look. For both occasions, always have a nice jacket or jersey to tie your outfit together.

  1. Accessorize

Often, people think the only accessories men can wear are watches and cufflinks. But you can have a range of accessories that can make you look sharp. Accessories can help add to your style; they can help bring your outfit together. Always have accessories that you can wear for casual and professional occasions. Accessories that are a must-have for a professional occasion is a belt, preferably have one in brown and black, a watch, a black or brown leather wallet, and a tie or bowtie.

You can also wear the accessories mentioned above for a casual occasion, but you can also add bracelets, modern stainless rings, neck chains, and necklaces for men to match your outfit. You can get these accessories in black, silver, and gold. Additionally, for both occasions, always have the right kind of footwear that will elevate your outfit. Make sure also that they’re comfortable to wear. You should have the right amount of balance of accessories to make you look sharp.

  1. Look Smart And Smell Good

Part of dressing sharp is looking and smelling good. You should always take the time to clean and moisturize your face. Trim hairs from your nose and beard to make sure they’re well-maintained. You can boost your confidence by getting into the habit of grooming. Besides, being well-groomed makes you look neat—so does smelling good.

The body can produce quite strong odours that can affect how you feel about yourself and negatively impact those around you. But it’s easy enough to avoid that; you can smell good by taking a shower with shower gel, using deodorant, using scented lotions to moisturize. You can also use body spray or cologne and use mouthwash after brushing your teeth.

5 Style Tips for Men to Look Sharp
Photography by © Erik Kolics


Your style can set an impression on others and influence your confidence levels. Looking sharp is not much about what you wear but how you wear clothes and present yourself. Dressing sharply means you are dressed in clothes that are clean and well-fitted. Remember, you don’t need new and expensive clothes to look sharp.

Looking sharp and stylish can be easy by picking the right clothes for your body type, accessorizing to add to your outfit, and personal care. Being sharply dressed can give an impression that you respect your body.

Images from MMSCENE STYLE STORIES: Timchenko Brothers by Erik Kolics – See the full story here

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