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Jaden Smith, Parke Van Noord, Andres Velencos and Gordon Bothe are only a few of the IGs you should have followed last week – here’s why:

Best of last week’s Instagram moments with Jaden Smith, Parke Van Noord, Tobias Sorensen, Andres Velencoso, Derek Chadwick and Gordon Bother to name a few. 

Continue reading for bast of previous week’s IG action:

Bastien Instagram Style

“Another shirt ??” @tbr_bastien

set goals which to most seem unrealistic. It makes it all whole lot more exciting ?@ellisiyayi

“???? ??? ??? ???????” @seo.co_

“If you can’t outplay them, outwork them.” @zachhartman1

? ?? ?? ?? ~???? #??@jjangga777

Catch me out here playin’?@blakejcarr

Stay active at home! ?? Looking for a program that Is designed just for you? .@harryrowley

chuck bilgren

“My shorts match the floor.” @chuck_bilgrien

no lie i was thinking about cinnabons@derekchadwick


andres velencoso

Caras de FASE 1 @andresvelencoso

“Siesta before lunch? ?” @gordonbothe

stefan pollmann

“??????… Best thing that could have ever happened to me on so many levels… #happyfathersday” @stefan_pollmann

“taking the time to remember— you must believe in yourself in order to blanket a soft cushion for all things meant for you. continue coating yourself in abundances of love and light, gazing over your journey that was anything but that. i hope you’re well.” @okdeon

parker van noord

self portrait for @voguehommes confinement series ??@parkervannoord

jaden smith

Ninety Video Out Now link In Bio @c.syresmith

Fan Chengcheng

Fan Chengcheng is the Cover Boy of ELLE China Super June 2020 Issue

Franek Poremba

MMSCENE PORTRAITS: Franek Poremba by Robert Ryncarz